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upgrade pricing

  1. Brown1428

    2018 Model S 100D without AutoPilot

    Looking to buy a a 2018 Tesla Model S 100D from Carvana. This particular vehicle was manufactured in early March 2018 and is not equipped with AutoPilot (no B pillar cameras). - Does Tesla offer a retrofit option to make these cars AP and/or FSD capable? If so, how much? - Does Tesla still...
  2. S

    Upgrade options on previous reservation

    I made a Model X order back in the fall, but didn't want to take delivery until this spring. After today's update, I reached out to my dealer and asked if my previous purchase price was still valid. He said that eligible customers may be offered the following options if they upgrade to the new...
  3. E

    Price to upgrade to FSD from EAP?

    As of today, what’s the price to upgrade from EAP to FSD? I’m getting conflicting answers from outdated articles online.
  4. drewpost

    Model 3 - Upgrade to FSD AFTER Purchase

    Has anyone in a Model 3 who did not buy FSD at the point of purchase been able to upgrade after the fact? I asked in a Service Centre and they said that it's initiated from your Tesla account online however I do not have any option to do this (or even see the price of doing this). They are...
  5. CFrolander

    Upgrade to FSD cost after delivery

    So I took delivery 6 days ago and my Wife didn't realize that traditional AP couldn't summon or do lane changes at all. She really likes that feature of our Model 3 and of our Previous X with EAP so asked if we could upgrade to FSD. I told her we could, but I might have to call and sweet talk...
  6. willow_hiller

    Post-delivery AP/FSD Price Changes

    Just noticed in my Tesla account that the prices of AP and FSD post-delivery are now the same as they were pre-delivery. $3,000 for AP and $6,000 for FSD. Someone on Reddit also noticed that the "$8,000 if added after delivery" language is gone from the order page for FSD: FSD post delivery...
  7. FlyErik

    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    Just wondering what others think about the current offer for FSD being available for $2,000. Are you jumping on it? Waiting? Hoping it'll come later for free? Things have been so fluid the last two weeks I'm thoroughly confused. Thanks for any opinions you have to share!
  8. Andrew

    Full Self Driving Price - $4K upgrade no longer honored?

    We took delivery on our Model 3 on January 3. At the time, we were told full self driving would be $3,000 at purchase, or $4,000 after delivery. I know new orders are $3,000 now/$5,000 later, as I just watched a friend configure a couple of days ago. (Had my choices been $3K vs. $5K, I would...