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usb memory sticks

  1. D

    Tesla memory stick storage issues

    This may be an issue or else I may be missing something but my memory stick filled up with sentry videos about a month and a half after I cleared it and when I deleted the files this time around the properties in the drive only showed 8Gb free of the 128gb storage after all files were deleted...
  2. R

    Sentry and Overwrite on USB Stick

    Not too long ago, an update rolled out that said the car would now overwrite older sentry clips if the memory stick (or drive) filled up. As of a few weeks ago (2 or 3 updates ago), this seems like it stopped working. I have 2 Cruzer 32GB USB 2 memory sticks. Over the last few weeks, each of...
  3. bliss9273

    No Dashcam icon or USB detection...EVER...anyone else have and solve this?

    I may have missed it, but I have looked through the threads quite a bit to see if anyone else has gotten a new Tesla where the Dashcam didn't work from the get go. I have seen several people have issues with software updates or failed/corrupted USBs causing the issue, but they all had it working...
  4. f205v


    I just got this update on my Model S 100D (MCU1,HW2). The release readme just says: 1) broken stalls info on superchargers pin in the map. 2) minor fixes. The problem is with my pendrive: Up to previous version the car correctly read my pendrive (1k+ mp3s and FLACs) and played them all...
  5. galan

    Dashcam Flash Drive - Volume Error on Plugging Drive Into Windows (10)

    I'm not sure if this has been covered by another post or not... After formatting my flash drive to FAT32 and plugging it into my M3SR+, the drive mounted and worked ok. However, after stopping the dashcam recordings (as prescribed by Tesla), removing the drive and then plugging it into my...
  6. tschmidty

    PSA: DashCam USB Flash was causing MCU hangs for me 2019.12.1.2

    So after updating to 2019.12.1.2 I was getting pretty consistent hangs on the center screen, pretty much every morning or anytime it was left for a while. I have a USB stick on a Taptes splitter and removing the usb drive gets things rolling again. I have it plugged directly in the usb port...
  7. Spelly88

    Recommended USB drive for TeslaCam?

    I've had little to no success with USB drives and getting the Dash Cam to work. I've tried a few that worked for a day and then stopped. I'd format them on PC again and recreate the TeslaCam folder but then they wouldn't even get recognized again. I've also had some other drives that wouldn't...
  8. aSlowOldGUy

    Splitter Cable for both USB Dashcam and Charge Phone

    Got V9 for my Model 3 this morning - sweet! With my family, having the ability to charge two phones at once in the front is nice. I was wondering if I could use a USB splitter cable to have BOTH the USB storage for the dashcam AND power the second port for charging. I am looking at something...
  9. O

    Is there a Max USB Size?

    Hello, So, I know I wont be using too much of the slacker or Tune in - as they dont have too much of Indian Music on it -- i wish they would have Spotify..lets hope and see...so much of music will be from my USB. Is there a max USB limit? like 32gb? or 128gb? --- Thoughts? Thanks
  10. SimplyFoolish

    Plugging Android into USB - User Experience

    Hi All, I'm anxiously awaiting my Model S! In the meantime, what's the experience with plugging an Android phone into the USB port? Will the car scan for Music like it was a USB Flash? If so, does the scan take a long time? Does it re-scan every time? Right now, I have a Ford with Sync...
  11. David29

    (Another comment about) Album art for music from a memory stick

    I know there have been a lot of comments in various threads about the issues with album art for MP3 music recorded to a memory stick and connected to the USB ports. But I noticed something yesterday that I do not recall reading. I was trying out a memory stick with only a few albums on it...
  12. gr8fullee

    I found the rattle--it was my own USB memory sticks! I'm totally in love again.

    I'm a car rattle obsessive. My last car, a Mercedes CL500, had a consistent rattle in the two wood trim pieces around the seat controls. No matter what was tried, the rattle kept coming back. So when I started hearing a similar rattle going over bumps in my 1-month old Model S, I went crazy...