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  1. M

    Best LFP Charging Practices when going on vacation?

    I am planning on taking a 3 week vacation soon and will be leaving my M3 RWD in the garage for the duration. What is the best way to take care of the battery? Regularly, I'll drive the car down to about 30-40% and charge it back up to 80% - then also make sure to charge it to 100% once per week...
  2. L

    Tesla Vacation Swap - Would anyone like to go to Europe?

    Google tells me that this has been suggested before, so I want to give it a try too: My family (2 adults, 2 kids) are considering a vacation in the US next summer. I was wondereing if anyone would like to swap cars (and house if you want to) with us. We live in a nice four bedroom house in a...
  3. R

    Vacation Charging.

    Very quick question. If you are not going to drive your car for 2 weeks, keeping it parked in the garage, do you just charge to 90% and leave it unplugged, or do you leave it plugged in for the full 2 weeks and have it charge at night on schedule (ie using Stats to charge every 3-5 days while...
  4. C

    Leave plugged in outside for a week?

    I have a Model 3 and live in Massachusetts. It’s cold out, sometimes rainy or snowy still. I’m going away next week for a week. I’ve just been using a nearby supercharger, though once I used an extension cord to my house 120v outlet just to see how it worked (it did). So, should I leave my car...
  5. IchDochNicht

    Making a Vacation Rental EV Ready

    I could use some advice on how to best go about this... Last year, I bought a run-down codo in San Diego, 100ft from the beach. Had it gutted, rewired, and completely rebuilt from scratch to the latest standards. Now it is partially our own vacation spot, and partially vacation rental (managed...
  6. Granny’s car

    Sitting idle in garage for 3 months

    We live in South Florida where it gets hellishly hot in the summertime. Every year, we escape the heat and go to where the weather is cooler. What can I do with my model three, which will be garaged and idle for those three months, so that when we return home the car will still have a battery...
  7. DiamondHands

    Irritated by inconsiderate charging etiquette

    Hi Tesla fam. While weighing a couple of Atlanta area hotel destination charger options, I came across the following check-in comment on the PlugShare site regarding one of the hotels: "I confess I stayed at a different hotel and asked the valet if I could charge if I went in to the bar. He...
  8. DiamondHands

    Smoky Mountains Family Trip

    Hi friends, I need help/tips/ideas on visiting the Smoky Mountains with 3 kids (4, 2, 0.5 years old) in tow in our Model X 90D. We’ve never been, and my wife and I wanted to spend maybe 2 days enjoying the scenery and serenity, without boring the heck out of the kids. We’ll be driving from South...
  9. aollivierre

    On Vacation

    It’s pretty bad as I sit at a beautiful resort on Maui at the Four Seasons and I am thinking, would of been cool if I would brought my Tesla with me to Maui? Lol
  10. aikisteve

    Video blog of our 4697km / 2935mi family road trip to Croatia and Slovenia

    Hi all, Forgive me if this post is inappropriate and feel free to flag it into oblivion if it is of no interest. But I've made a video report of our family road trip this year to Croatia and just wanted to share the beauty of it, combined with how we did with the Tesla on our 3rd annual Tesla...
  11. Haxster

    Vampire Drain Measurements

    While on vacation, I left our December, 2016 build HW2 90D MS connected through the Tesla Mobile Connector to 240V. The car has ~4,800 miles on it. The charge rate was set to 50% at 5 Amps. Energy Savings was ON and Always Connected was checked. Cabin overheat protection was on (D’oh!), but the...
  12. T

    Model X: Help! Returned from Vacation, can't get in.

    I returned from 3 week vacation and can't get in to my Model X. Neither key fob works. Both were stored in the house far from the car and the car is only 9 months old. Tried holding the fob down below the driver's side x-wing door; nothing. Even if the problem is the 12v battery under the...
  13. fasteddie7

    Any experience with Tesla rentals in the Northeast?

    Hi all! My wife, son, and I are looking to take a trip from Pennsylvania to Disney in Orlando in May. We are model s owners and we're thinking about renting a model x for the trip. Does anyone on here have any recommendations on companies they've deal with and had a positive experience that they...
  14. M

    Towing jet skis to North Lake Tahoe

    This week my family took a vacation to Donner Lake in the North Lake Tahoe Area. We took our Model X and towed a pair of jet skis on a double trailer. I was very nervous about the climb up the hill and can report that the X did great. We have a P90D and the available towing power is amazing...
  15. mnx

    Cottage available for rent in Balm Beach (10km West of Midland, ON)

    Hello fellow Tesla owners, We have a cottage on Georgian Bay in the village of Balm Beach that we rent out. I put a 14-50 in the garage last summer so I could charge my Model S while I was there. I figured I would let the Tesla community know about it in case they are looking for a vacation...
  16. B

    Seattle to Portland and back

    Going to take the Model S to Portland this weekend. Leaving from the Kirkland area and will do a straight shot down to Portland on Saturday via I-5. I'll do my best to monitor power usage and charging stops. I know the trip will be much different once Tesla gets a Supercharger on the I-5...