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  1. B

    2019 Tesla Model X VERY loud whine / squeal

    Late 2019 Raven refresh Model X. 63k miles. Getting the UCAs replaced later this week because of loud creaks. This is very different now- it all of the sudden is making a VERY loud high pitched squeal/whistle/whine noise. Has nothing to do with wind- it’s happening consistently at very low...
  2. danwilliams5

    Gen 3 door handle buzzing/squealing

    Tesla peeps smarter than me, I’ve got a rear door handle acting up. A high pitched whine coming from the handle assembly. It had been intermittent, leaving the door handle extended partly then last night it went in, stayed in and constant whine (see video). Car off, reset with scroll wheels...
  3. A

    Dynamat for whining / whistle / beeping inverter noise?

    Has anyone dried sound deadening / dynamatting their Tesla to eliminate the annoying sounds from their drive unit/inverter? If so, did it work?
  4. G

    Model 3 Motor whine / whirr / sound

    So I picked up my model 3 a few days ago and am loving it so far. But I took it out today and noticed that I was getting seemingly quite a bit more motor whine than usual. I've uploaded two videos here: https://streamable.com/opbhsv https://streamable.com/9a9571 The 'spaceship' high pitch...
  5. B

    Loud whine with AC new Model Y

    Just got my MY a few days ago. It is extremely hot where I am at so the ac has been running a lot and on high settings. It makes a very loud whine that you can hear both inside and out. I tested it with the heat on and don’t hear anything, so maybe a coolant pump issue? Just wanted to see if...
  6. Mach Y

    Charging buzzing noise & stuck @ 6 hrs left

    This has happened to me a few times, mostly recently early this morning -- Since I don't drive the car much I just use the 110v charger for normal charging. After running errands for the day the car usually has anywhere from a few to 10-20 hours of charging remaining when I plug it in. This...
  7. BennyMountfort

    Noise Change after update??

    Is it just me or has anyone else notice the electric noise when you flatten the throttle has changed since the large update earlier this year? I used to get a high pitched mosquito sound only, now it starts with this and develops into a deeper tone. :D
  8. D

    Errant Preconditioning for Supercharging alert and new motor whine

    Two days ago I got a dashboard alert that my M3 DM was preconditioning for Supercharging. At about the same time I started hearing a whine from my engine corresponding to how fast I was going (faster speed, higher pitched whine). They've got to be related. Both symptoms have continued...
  9. GolanB

    Whining Noise - While en route to Supercharger

    Although its been about two months since the battery conditioning feature en route to superchargers was released, I just noticed for the first time (possibly because I didn't have music playing) that there is a very distinctive high frequency whining noise coming from either the inverter or the...
  10. Plugsuvohio

    90D Motor whine?

    I've searched and tried to read these forums and found very little related to what I am regularly hearing in my new MX. Vin ends in 11908 delivered early this month. Only have this a week or so so its all new to me. But my wife and I both clearly hear whine that begins just above 40 mph and...
  11. EV-lutioin

    Annoying Vibration, Passenger Door... I think

    Has anyone experienced an annoying vibration coming from the passenger door area of their Model X? My happens when I am driving on rough roads in town and is a rapid medium pitched plastic vibration sound (best I can describe it). It has been very hard to locate, but I think it may be coming...
  12. Asciidv

    Model S whine

    Today I collected my new Model S 90D. Great excitement, with a 130 mile drive home from Manchester to Northumberland. It was the silence that was the most impressive. Hovever after 100 miles I began to notice a motor 'whine' at around 10-30 mph before tyre noise took over. is this a fault with...
  13. L

    a new "whine" sound that wasn't there before... help?

    So recently my S85 (~25k miles) started whining at me... this is NOT the balloon squeal sound you get when you punch it, that one I'm familiar with. This one is a much quieter whine that fits the following description: * absolutely tied to the drive train, the car is silent at the same speeds...
  14. M

    Low Speed, High Pitch Whine

    Our 2013 S85 has a high pitch whine at low speeds whenever the accelerator is depressed. The sound fades as the speed increases, but it annoyingly announces my arrival every day at work and later when I arrive home. So much for Tesla's silence. Several months ago the Scottsdale Service Center...
  15. G

    P85D Front Motor Noise Levels

    In the P85D Delivery Tracking thread someone who had went on a P85D test drive mentioned the noise generated by the front motor. As everyone that ordered a P85D has done so pretty much sight unseen, can others share their experiences with this and note whether the noise levels are present...
  16. A

    Acceleration Whine Caused by gears, not motor

    Hi all, I was commenting to a friend of mine who works at Tesla about the acceleration whine, which I must admit doesn't bother me at all. Anyway, my friend told me that the noise comes from the gears and went on to describe trade-offs with different types of gears between noise and efficiency...