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winter charging

  1. R

    Battery charging in snow and very cold weather

    Hi, I have owned my Tesla for two years now and I have been meaning to ask this question. I charge my car to 80% every evening before going to work and leave it plugged in on weekends. I have a Tesla wall charger. On days when I know that it is snowing or if the temperature outside gets in...
  2. venezing

    Model 3 Standard Range+ owners... how is it in New England?

    I’m very close on pulling the trigger on a Standard Range Plus. I wanted to see how everyone’s experience is owning it in New England. Range loss in the winter? Driving on the “great” roads of New England (I live in Western Massachusetts) How’s your paint holding up? Do you have snow tires...
  3. S

    How long is too long to leave heat running while charging?

    I live in Canada where average morning temps will be - 30 for about a month soon. Started using Teslafi, cool program, I can set my car to start heating up at 6:30, it uses a bit of battery and by 7:15 (in - 5, haven't tested - 30 yet) the car is warm and fully charged. Does anyone know how...
  4. Z

    Winter Battery Heating

    Hey everyone, quick question about range degradation/mitigating range loss overnight-skip to the end for the TL;DR: I’m a firefighter in a suburban/rural county in the mid-Atlantic region. I’m very close to buying a standard range plus Model 3 out of inventory by July 1 to take advantage of the...
  5. C

    Model 3 Standard Range + Canadian Winter

    Hello all. I am a Canadian and was wondering if you could put minds together and help me with this question. My concern is How would a -25 to -30 degree c weather would affect the battery and performance of the car. Would the car be heated enough from charger through a 240v charger while...
  6. YYZ-IAD

    First Buffalo Winter with 2018 Model S - Lessons

    Buffalo winter has been particularly nasty (maybe you think they are all). Many large snow falls and several days with temps 5-15 F (down to -20 C). Lessons learned: 1) Model S handles very well in snow. I have Michelin X-Ice Winter tires. Handling in snow is secure - on par or...
  7. T

    Possible battery issue?

    I traveled 290 miles from the twin cities to Madison Wisconsin for the holidays and had planned to stop at one Super Charger on the way to complete my trip. I kept EAP/TACC at 77 the duration of the trip. Unfortunately, I ended up having to stop at two Super Chargers to make it the entire way...
  8. D

    Just getting delivery of Model 3 .

    Live in 7 unit condo complex. Having problem installing charging station in the common garage . Association can not figure out how to charge me for increased electricity expanses in the common area. I can charge at a supercharger and chargepoint close to my home. We go away in winters for 2-3...
  9. R

    SCC Z-563 tire chains

    Tire chains (19”) Security Chain Company (SCC) Z-563 extreme performance cable tire traction chains (set of 2) $50 plus you pay shipping. These were sold by Tesla for the Model S Never used -- except to learn how to put them on.
  10. selfbp

    Beating mother nature’s charging limitations for winter

    I’ve seen it discussed that charging will warm the battery up to allow for better temperatures for winter charging. Also I’ve read that charging before you drive can help you preheat the pack. But is it possible to keep the pack warm all the time by keeping the charge rate around 10A~...