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winter wheels

  1. D

    18" Winter Wheels/Tires Set for M3P

    I'm looking to purchase a set of 18 inch winter wheels/tires a 2023 Tesla Model 3 Performance I just bought. If anyone is selling their set after this season, I would love to purchase them.
  2. C

    Picking Winter Wheels M3P

    I've got a M3P coming soon and am trying to pick some wheels. As I'm sure you are all aware, it is a bit more challenging than other cars but I'm feeling the rush to get them ordered before my car gets here in around a week. I been reading a lot of the existing threads, but so much info, so...
  3. Max Plaid

    EU (Brussels, Belgium) Model XP100DL+ 20" SLIPSTREAM and staggered Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tire Set

    Purchased 2017 and painted black by Tesla - currently in storage at Tesla, will retrieve later this week, so can't supply detailed photos yet, but they're in excellent condition, one small mark if I remember well, the tyres have hardly any wear at all €1500 or nearest offer - can be sold with...
  4. katbc

    M3P Replika wheel issues?

    We do our own wheel change for winter and summer, and had no issues switching between our Tsportline 18" TST flow forged winter wheel and tire set, and the 20" grey performance set that came with the 2020 M3P - they have same centre bore and offset specs as the factory ones. Our 2020 M3P is now...
  5. D

    2020 Gemini Wheel change

    Hello, To change the 2020 21" Gemini Wheels to my winter set the lug cover looks different than the ones shown in the owners manual. How do you remove the lug covers? TIA
  6. Felickz

    FS: PA - Model S -19" Wheel Powder Coated Black Gloss - Sotozero 3 Winter Tire

    Looking for a wheel swap for better control in winter weather and keeping those 21's away from potholes? Asking $1500 P/U in S/E Pennsylvania Details 4 19" OEM Tesla Rims - Gloss Black Powder Coated by Pineda's Chrome & Powder Coating 4 Baolong TPMS Sensors - new ~08/2017 and used 6 months...
  7. R

    Problem with online order: deadlocked with no ETA

    Hi everyone, We are a Tesla Family. I own a Model X P100DL, my wife has a S P85D, and my 6 year old has the RadioFlyer... We are happy to be big supporters of the company. But there are still simple things where Tesla falls short and that can be mildly infuriating. I ordered a winter...
  8. V

    How accurate is your TPMS

    I swapped onto my winter tyres on the M3 today, 18" Aero. I checked with a few different pumps that read 50psi but the TPMS indicators were reading 42psi as per spec. I know that many pumps are inaccurate, but is TPMS more trustable?
  9. A

    Tesla Winter Wheel and Tire Package Delivery Time?

    Hi everyone, Was hoping some people had experience with this to comment. I ordered the m3's official winter tire and wheel package off the website and other than the initial confirmation, I haven't gotten any updates other than it could take up to 15 days (which was a few days ago). Does anyone...
  10. C

    19" RIAL Lugano + Sottozero3 also all weather mats - model S

    Hello - My Model S lease has ended and the car has been returned so I am left with a few parts that need to be moved along as I am not getting another Model S. Wheels and Tires: These are 19" Rial Lugano in the graphite color with TPMS and lug nuts. They are fitted with Pirellli Winter...
  11. T

    19" Gunmetal Rial Lugano w/ Michelin X-Ice Winter Tires, TPMS, and Tesla Wheel Covers

    I have updated this post with better pictures of the tires. These are the Winter Wheels off of my 2013 Model S, they are Rial Lugano Titanium Gunmetal rims. There is a minor scratch on one of them. The tires are Michelin X-Ice Xi3 with 30k miles on them. Purchased from Tirerack...
  12. T

    19" Gunmetal Rial Lugano w/ Michelin X-Ice Winter Tires, TPMS, and Tesla Wheel Covers

    These are the Winter Wheels off of my 2013 Model S, they are Rial Lugano Titanium Gunmetal rims. There is a minor scratch on one of them. The tires are Michelin X-Ice Xi3 with 30k miles on them. Purchased from Tirerack...
  13. R

    FS: Winter Wheels + Tires (Rial Lugano + Michelin X-Ice XI3 XL) - SF Bay Area

    4x 19" Wheels + Tires Mounted & Balanced 19x8.5 Rial Lugano 245/45R-19 Michelin X-Ice XI3 XL Lugbolts (20) TPMS sensors (work without any issues on my P85D) I had those on my Model S but I now have a Model X and these do not seem to be a good fit for the X. I've gone to Tahoe 5 times with...
  14. T

    FS: Model S (Rial Rims) winter wheels with Gen 1 TPMS sensors $900

    Winter wheels off my 2012 Model S, these are Rial Lugano Titanium gunmetal rims. you can see the scratches on 3 of the 4 wheels. The tires, Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II, are still in great condition. Didn't measure the actual tread left but I can take a closer in picture later...
  15. D

    Model X Slipstream Wheels includes TPMS, lugs, lug covers, center cap and tires

    Up for sale are 4 staggered fitment Model X factory slipstream wheels. 9x20 with 265/45/20 and 9.5x20 with 275/45/20. Wheels are plasti-dipped flat black with glossifier. Includes factory TPMS ($70 each), lugs, lug covers, center caps and tires. Asking $1800, buyer pays shipping. Located in...
  16. pavels

    19” Model S Silver Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tire Package

    Selling 4 winter wheels and tires from my Model S. Originally purchased for $2,500 from Tesla as a Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tire Package. These come with first generation TPMS sensors for VINs below P50900. SKU: 1091698-00-A. Only driven on them for ~500 miles.
  17. Q

    Tesla Model S Winter Wheel Setup

    Hi, For all of those living in snow-covered winters, i wanted to share my winter wheel setup for my 2014 P85D. I live in Quebec, Canada, where our winters are long drawn-out affairs consisting of freezing rain, heavy snow, slush and black ice. Essentially, a total nightmare for driving and a...
  18. S

    21” grey turbine wheels with winter tires for Model S

    I have a brand new set of 21” turbine wheels for Model S with winter tires. Never put on the car, bought from Tesla and kept in garage. Current price is $6k in the Tesla store. I’ll let them go for $3.5k plus shipping, or best offer. Model S 21" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package
  19. SevenWithaT

    WTB: 19" OEM Rims for Model S- Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi all, I am located in Toronto, ON. I have a 2013 Model S and currently am looking for a of set of OEM 19" Rims, with or without TPMS depending on if it's an older type of TPMS. I am buying this set as winter wheels. If you have a winter wheel set for sale with reasonable tread left, I am...