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  1. EliteFinish

    Paint Protection Film Install

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Paint Protection Film Install. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Paint Protection Film Install

    Service Paint Protection Film Install

    Our process for applying Paint Protection Film is one of the most unique and most advanced in the industry. We not only have some of the highest skilled installers in the country, we also focus on the condition of the existing paint before applying our PPF. We make sure your paint is in pristine...
    $1,250.00 to $7,000.00 per service
  3. iyordanov

    Vendor Products for your new/upcoming Model S, by TWRAPS

    Hey guys A few months ago I got a delivery of my new Model S. I wanted to customize it but since it's so new there was nothing on the market, so I've decided to do it myself. As a result I also opened a Shopify store where I sell everything I make (more products coming every week). So I'd like...
  4. RubinRA

    Washing tips?

    Basic questions, I know, but . . . --I have protective film on the front of my M3, and ceramic coating all over. Any tips on the best way to wash these and remove road grime? What kind of detergent? Cloths? Brushes? --Also, what's the best way to clean the rear window without damaging the...
  5. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Color Change Vinyl Wrap Blog

    Color Change Vinyl Wraps come in thousands of color variations and finishes, provide full body paint protection, and are easily removable. To top it off, they come with an industry standard 3-year manufacturer warranty and can be ceramic coated for an extended lifespan. At the Vehicle...
  6. AutoArmour

    Vendor San Diego Cars and Coffee 4/6/19

    Hi everyone, We're hosting a Cars and Coffee event in San Diego on Saturday April 6th. There will be complimentary coffee and donuts, as well as healthy food vendors (Thyme For Lunch & Everbowl), and a DJ providing music. While not exclusive to Teslas, a lot of our customers are Tesla owners...
  7. rolotech_wraps

    Vendor Rolotech Car Wraps. Full car wraps and Chrome delete packages. SoCal!

    Hey Tesla Owners, we've been wrapping Teslas over the years including chrome deletes. Now, and decided to join the Forum in order to make other members aware about our services. Here at Rolotech we provide nothing but the best quality wraps. We have over 7 years of experience in the field. Our...
  8. Daniellane

    Model 3 Colored Aero Wheels Vinyl Wrap Kits?

    Just picked up an extra set of Aero Wheel Covers on EBay. I thought about customizing them. Looked around for vinyl wrap kits. Found nothing except this Electrek article. Has anyone seen any sources for this? Tesla Model 3: Are matching color aero wheel covers going to be a thing now?
  9. RopDaddy

    3M Liquid Copper G344 Wrap Pics

    Hello ! I've looked at the wrap thread and I saw the pic of the 3M Liquid Copper car but it was NOT a Model 3. Just hoping that someone else out there is Tesla Space had the same brilliant idea that I did and has wrapped their TM3 in Liquid Copper G344? I hope to have my AWD TM3 by mid October...
  10. E

    Color Match Wrap Thread (Door Handles, etc..)

    Hey all, About to take delivery of my Red Model 3 tomorrow. Definitely considering doing a color match wrap on the door handles. Maybe even some accents inside? I know many are just doing full "black-out" or "chrome removal", including the door handle..... but as seen in the Model 3...
  11. B

    Massachusetts Film Wrappers

    My 85D is in transit. I intend to use my Tesla as an every day driver (90 miles/day). I've had paint blasted off the front of my cars in the past due to salt, sand, etc. on the highway. I'm looking to wrap my car with XPEL, 3M, etc. (I haven't decided on front or full wrap.) Anybody have...
  12. garcilamd

    Introducing the Frozen Grey Tesla with shadowline trim

    Well, here is the finished product. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The wrap has slightly different characteristics during the day and night and in different types of light. Overall, I was looking for a modified stock appearance. This is one of the reasons why I opted to keep the...