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$0 repair for failing window regulator

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13 MS 85 60k miles. Had driver front window problem starting last couple of years. Sometimes would struggle to go up, sometimes doesn't go up at all. Seems to occur more with wet weather. Since the closed window retracts and returns each time the door open/closes, driver's window motor gets the most workout.

Adjusted the bottom 2 window track mounts. Not the issue. Didn't appear to have any extra resistance on glass going upwards. Took out the regulator and track+cable assembly, all the pulleys and cable sleeves were fine. A couple of rusty spots from water intrusion over the years but not the issue. Ran the motor track assembly out of the door and worked fine going up and down. Not sure why if door window seals isn't offering much resistance. Finally tried to open up the motor but didn't dare to pull out all the way fearing spring brushes might go flying so just put it back and reassembled. Then magic, it just worked reliably for over 6 months now.

My guess is the movement might have caused the brush to land on new copper ridge on the commutator giving it new life :) Other theories are welcomed.


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