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2013 Model S Charge Port Inlet clicks and won't unlock

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I have a 2013 P85 with the early magnetic lock inlet TPN 1005612-00-G. My original issue was when I opened the charge port (all methods like console, key and app would open it) the inlet would make clicking sounds (click, pause, click, pause, click, pause for about 30 seconds and then stop) as if it was trying to unlock the port but the bottom locking tab would NOT drop. To charge at all I had to manually push the tab down and I can then slow DC charge at home but can't use Tesla Supercharger since the tab won't raise to lock the port with a charger inserted either.

I read online articles and figured the inlet was bad so I ordered the same TPN from ebay and installed it, put car in service mode, and re-installed full firmware. However, the "new used" port is still doing the same clicking and not unlocking the bottom port tab. I also have a new issue now after swapping out inlets, in that the car says the port door is open even when it is closed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Aaron
Try grounding the port to the subframe with a jumper wire.
If that doesn't help then it might be calibration?
Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't tried this suggestion yet but will file it away to possibly try. I do have an update. The ebay seller I purchased the port from indicated he thought the port trouble was due to an incorrectly installed orange high voltage port cover. That cover is retained by two tabs and one captured bolt. I had installed the cover though prior to testing the new port. In my opinion, the cover was not a cause since the problem began "out of the blue" when the original cover had never been touched on the original port. Since the "new" used ebay port was showing the same symptoms (with cover properly installed), I decided to open up the old original inlet while I had it out and take a look. Upon opening it, I noted that it had significant corrosion at the bottom where the six pin connection plugs in. The connector itself also had some corrosion on it along with the circuit board. I carefully cleaned everything off the board with 50/50 white vinegar and distilled water and high precision Q-tips. I allowed it to dry for a couple hours and cleaned the rest of the original port thoroughly of all dirt and grime. I put a tiny dab of silicone lubricant on the circular hinge for the locking lever and actuated it manually a few times. Lastly I used a blow dryer on cool setting and blew off the board and inlet free of any dust or remaining moisture and re-assembled it. I re-installed this now refurbished original inlet in my car and it is back to functioning 100%. The error about the port door being open (even when it was closed) also went away. I did not have to do any firmware re-load. I haven't opened the ebay inlet but from it's dirty old condition, I suspect it may be in similar condition inside to my original inlet.
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