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2015 85D Won't Turn On

Hello. Driving through the rain yesterday I got the BMS_w035 "Vehicle may not restart" error. Made it home, and when I went to try and start it, I got a "low voltage" message and it wouldn't start. Today it won't even boot up. Doors and lights work fine, so I guess the 12V is ok?

Service center can't even see me for 15 days. Not sure how I can even tow this as it's stuck in the garage, can't go into neutral, etc.

I'm hoping the main battery didn't get ruined.

If anyone has been through this and has any suggestions, please let me know. It's a 2015 85D but only has 50k miles on it. And of course my battery warranty expired 2 months ago.

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I got an estimate from Tesla for the repair. I asked them to clarify what happened and what it means, but they are slow to respond. I gather it’s replacing the high voltage fuse? Seems like a lot of work if that is all it is? Plus they had to charge around $500 to take the battery out to safely inspect it.

This all happened from driving through a rain storm. Guessing water shorted it out? Am curious to hear if anyone can explain if it seems reasonable.


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Thanks. Hopefully I don’t get another updated estimate from that!

My warranty on the battery expired 2 months ago. I wonder if this would have been covered by that if it?
Meh, you are probably fine in reality. There is a known problem with older Model S with the design of the old HV fuse. Basically, the old one is just a regular old fuse, and over time from flooring the beans pedal, and other factors, the fuse starts to loose its fuse links, and eventually, the whole thing goes kaboom and so no more high voltage power. They have a updated part where they switched to a pyro fuse. Based on the estimate above they are installing the updated pyro fuse so you shouldn't have this problem again. This is a known issue, so its no biggie. Also, if you really pester them about it, there is a chance that they cover it under warranty since it is a known issue. Also, using dawn dish soap and dragging a car onto the tow truck is pretty normal for dead cars. Now obviously that is the last resort, but the tesla roadside idiot could have jump-started the car and stuck it into "tow mode". Also, dragging a car onto a tow truck using dawn soap is kinda common actually, when I get dead cars from customers, that is generally how they are loaded/unloaded from a flat bed tow truck. Seems stupid, but works really well lol.
Thanks, that was helpful. Yes, not horrible, about $1400 to do the HV fuse and they also had to replace the 12V battery (which I replaced less than a year ago). I did ask them if they would consider a goodwill offer here, seeing I am just barely 2 months out of warranty. They gave me a cold "no". I feel like they treat the older Tesla customers, the ones that supported them in the very beginning, quite poorly unfortunately. No loaner car either....just cold messages.