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2015 P85DL S for sale

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B1F93FAF-93AA-419D-A1AD-97E88EF5847A.jpeg Ocean ( new) blue with cream interior. Fully loaded with the following;
Auto pilot 1
Next gen seats
Panoramic roof
Extended Napa leather
Ultra high fidelity sound
Premium lighting
Smart air suspension
Subzero weather ( + steering wheel)
Rear spoiler

value added items
Ludicrous upgrade $5000
Front / rear Tesla consoles$900
Clear wrap front rear bumpers$500
Color correct, detail + Cquartz ( third time since new, 2 months ago)$600
19 wheels professionally painted semi gloss black, new Goodyear eaglesRS A2 mounted June $1350
Trunk Matt, SS deadpedal, extra bright LED trunk lights etc etc
Car spent its life in heated garage when not on the road. Very little winter driving( wife’s rover gets that detail)
90% charge219, 100% 241, 100% when new251. Clean car fax available.

work under warranty
3 new door handle pinion gears
New12 volt battery
Takata airbag replacement
New bolts steering rack recall

asking $54800
Located 40 miles north NYC


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A couple of other pics that might be of interest


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I have a signature wall charger still in the box that could go with the car if buyer needs one.
Let me restate car is in beautiful shape, pics speak for themselves. I just would hate to give it to tesla on a trade in and watch them add $9000 to what they are offering me for basically washing it and putting it on their website ( plus stripping off the free supercharging)