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2018 MX Passenger Issue

Picked up my new 2018 MX on Wednesday and have not been able to figure out how to leave the car on (e.g climate, radio, console, etc) when I, the driver get out of the car to run into a store. Is it not common practice to have the driver jump out of the car for a little bit to run into the store or something else?

I put it in park, leave the key in the car while I run in, and everything still turns off leaving the passenger with nothing to do just be hot/cold, sit in silence and be bored.

Am I missing something?
Yep, this was just added a few updates ago. Basically, touch the front AC controls before you get out and choose to leave climate system on. It'll stay on (until 20% of battery level is reached max).

You used to have to put on the emergency break I recall or something to workaround this, but pretty easy now.
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