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Any Boston area MS owners that could assist?

Hey everyone - first post!

I’ve finally picked out all the details that I want on my MS 75D. However, I have an old New England garage on my property. It barely, barely fits my current car, a Honda Accord. Based on the measurements I see online, the MS is even wider and longer.

Based on measuring my garage, it should JUST fit to close the door. But I’m concerned if it will actually fit in reality. Maybe the front license plate frame sticks out. Maybe the hinges on the door would hit.

I really don’t want to have to park the car outside in New England weather.

Here’s what I need help with: would someone with a newer MS that lives near Boston/Somerville drive over to my place and drive into my garage (hah) so I can see if I can close the door and thus buy a new MS??

I will buy you a 6 pack of your choice. - it will be cold and waiting.

This would be much much appreciated!!
If it’s a possibility cut the Sheetrock and shave a stud or 2 dead center of the car. The unfortunate thing about this is the parking sensors will say stop if less than 12” from wall and it very hard to judge precise distance with the S hood (at least for me). In this case those handy park assist lasers that come with some garage door openers (or can be bought separate) work great
Ouch. I would hate for that door hinge to scrape your bumper (been there). I too had to extend the space in my garage, although it was as easy as cutting some shelves down. Good luck, some someone comes through
That's kind of my fear - even if someone comes over to pull their car in, I wouldn't risk closing the door. I'd have to just eyeball it. When I get my car - I'll put a moving blanket over the trunk when I first close the door to make sure it fits. If it doesn't - I'm not thrilled about parking my car outside in New England winters. Would need to pay to have the door moved out a few inches. Not even sure if this is a possibility.