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Anyone else have a dieselgate?

While I wait for the Model Y I decided to replaced my ancient Ford Focus wagon (460,000 km) with a new wagon. But wagon choices are extremely limited.
I have always wanted another Golf TDI wagon so when the newly "fixed" cars started appearing on local lots I bought one.
I drove it home 550km. Then drove it another 620km before filling it with diesel.
For what I paid for it and the 4 year warranty it comes with makes it a decent buy.
I have one 2.0tdi with CBAB engine code rusting in the yard. In Europe, they provided an apology and a mandatory service call to the owners, nothing else. Guess if I'll do business with VW or VAG ever again. Hit on car value from dieselgate was 20-30%.

Positive was that they gave me an argument to go electric.
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I should have kept my Diesel Gate TDI. and take the settlement cash offer. Instead I traded in the Diesel Gate TDI for a new TSI. So that's how I went from almost 1000km/tank to 450km/tank. It drove me crazy each time I filled up the TSI. I finally sold that ICE piece of crap and went electric.
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