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Anyone know of a Dent Repair? Orange County,CA?

Today our car was door dinged and dented in a parking lot.

Luckily sentry mode caught the whole thing. I waited for the driver to come back and explain what happened. Very nice elderly lady. But I now need to find a reputable shop in OC, CA that can fix.

There is no paint damage and looks like it just missed the crease of the door. I am attaching pictures for reference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DENT MASTERS. 311 likes. (949) 586-DENT (714) 404-4861 Paintless Dent Repair Minor Dents & Door Dings Same Day Service.

I just had him fix 3 of my small door dings and he was excellent, gave me the lowest price of all quotes by almost 40%.


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If you have Dent Wizard in your area. Check them out. I’d suggest a seasoned tech of 5+ years for that kind of damage.

I now work for myself. But I was trained by Dent Wizard about 10 years ago.