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Anyone taken an HPC bought in the US and installed it in Vancouver?


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I’m moving from California to Vancouver in May and planning on taking my two HPCs with me to be installed in my underground garage in the multistory condo building where I purchased a unit. I am assuming that since the HPCs are UL listed and approved that there will be no problem using them in British Columbia. Or is that not correct? Thanks for your comments.
The HPC should have a small "c" beside the UL label....meaning that it meets Canadian standards. AFAIK, all Tesla equipment is dual rated for Canada and USA. My HPWC gen 1 is cUL. After NAFTA, Canada and the USA agreed to allow multiple testing agencies to test to both CSA and UL standards. So now you will see cCSAus, cUL, cULus, cETLus, and other markings on electrical equipment. Often (but not always) the test parameters are similar or the same in both countries.....but you do need to use equipment that has the "c" somewhere on the label. BTW - In Canada, you will hear that equipment must be CSA approved....which is "oldspeak" to mean that it is approved to Canadian standards.

Edit: I found this old thread that has the cUL file number for Canada: Charger Install - Region of Waterloo

Of note though, RE the installation, there are differences between the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). The CEC does have different methods for insuring that your panel size is adequate, has different wire ratings for Romex, and may require a disconnect within sight of the HPC. Best bet is to hire a licensed electrician.

Welcome to Canada. BC is spectacular.
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