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Apple IOS 13.1 help with Music/audio auto playback?

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i have seen a couple of the latest iPhone 13.1 software reviews alluding to fixing some auto play audio in the background issues. Got me wondering if this would help the auto playback in background some of us have when entering the car.

Has anyone had an opportunity to try this and provide feedback? I know it’s only been out for a day or two but the public beta has been out for awhile, and many have been using it.
I don’t mind so much with music autoplaying .....but I listen to a lot of audio books when I workout and take trips etc.....and having to find the spot in the book where I was actually left off and heard is ridiculous! I spend 10 minutes before my workout just trying to get back to where I’m supposed to be in the book some days!
Sigghhhh :-(

Thanks for the quick reply tho.
So not sure about this yet, but I just created a new “personal automation” shortcut that is now enabled in iOS 13.1
It is triggered to run “when Bluetooth connects to Tesla” and then it runs a “pause command” to the media player.

Worth a shot. It looks like it would work.

Can you post a screenshot of your recipe? I'm having a difficult time derping through the "Shortcuts" interface trying to find conditionals for BT device connectivity conditionals and the resulting desired executing actions
It’s under the new “automation” shortcuts on the new IOS13.1
So far so good I think.


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I knew it was too good to be true. It does actually work for things like music. Or it seems to anyway. BUT it started autoplaying my last podcast I had been listening to. And the same for my audiobook.
And I think ....although it may pause initially when entering the car if you do anything to trigger audio again it starts to play again and would not auto pause from that point on.

Long story short..
Back to square one I guess.
Also tried activating on “bluetooth connect to any device“ and still pause did not pause. Walking away from car does disconnect bluetooth and then follows the automation. Pause problem seems to be on Tesla’s end but activating on disconnect is surely in Apple’s side.