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Are Tesla Sales Centers able to assist in the reservation process ?

All you do is use a computer and sign in to tesla.com and make an account if you don’t have one. Making a reservation is a few clicks since all you are doing is paying the $1000 reservation/deposit fee. No configuration of the car is done at that point.
You can visit the store, but you'll find it easier to reserve online by yourself.

Tesla doesn't have dealerships where you need to negotiate. All the options and pricing are transparent (with the exception of the unreleased options like AWD and white interior) and prices are the same for everyone. You can find the prices of things pretty easily with some Googling.

For the financing/payment part, it's cheaper in most cases for people to go to their local credit union vs financing through Tesla.
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Depends upon what state you are in.
In some states, the dealership association has been able to get protections for their cartel actually written into state law.
All the information is available online though.
Yep. For the context of the OP, Google for tesla franchise laws.

Why it’s illegal for Tesla to sell its cars in Texas from 2013 says
Here are some things that employees in electric car-maker Tesla’s Houston and Austin “galleries” cannot do:

  • Discuss purchasing, financing or leasing one of Tesla’s vehicles
  • Tell customers the price of a Tesla vehicle or how they might reserve one
  • Offer test drives
  • Refer customers to an out-of-state store that does any of those things
We imagine it’s a pretty unfulfilling job, and pretty unrewarding for anyone in Texas who visits the galleries to buy an all-electric sedan—Automobile magazine’s 2013 car of the year—starting at $62,400. The reason for this weird experience is a Texas state law forbidding car makers to sell their wares directly. All vehicle sales must go through a licensed dealership franchise. Most states around the country have some version of this law.
I don't know if the situation has improved in TX for Tesla since I haven't kept track and don't live there.
Is a reservation ‘selling’ anything? Serious question. I have no idea.

For an S or X, you are placing a firm order for the car. For the 3, you are not. Still. You are putting in a request to place an order someday.

Where does this fall under the laws of the states that restrict things?