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Auto-Lift Kit for the Model S Parcel Shelf - No Longer Available


Moderator - Hawaii
Aug 18, 2013
Oahu, Hawaii
Auto-Lift Kit for the Model S Parcel Shelf

Tired of forgetting to flip back down the parcel shelf lip and driving around with it taunting you in the mirror, blocking your view? Or, are you annoyed with always having to flip up the parcel shelf flap because you frequently carry lots of cargo? I am a MS owner and share in your frustration--this kit is the solution that will save you time and frustration, as it has for more than 150 Model S owners to date!

Sleek in design to complement the modern Model S character, this discrete kit uses ultra-durable materials that are professionally manufactured to withstand thousands of open-close sequences. Once installed, this kit will raise the lip portion of the Model S parcel shelf with the rear hatch as it opens, allowing for easier access to more of the trunk. Upon closing, it lowers the lip back down to its resting position. This kit is designed specifically to fit the Tesla Model S factory parcel shelf.

Need to take the shelf out for a large load? No problem! Designed to allow for quick and easy removal, it takes about 2 seconds to disconnect. Reconnecting is equally quick and easy and the anchors stay in place so there's nothing to loose.

Installation is straight forward and takes less than 2 minutes. No drilling of any kind is required! In fact installation can be completed without any tools. Upon removal (at anytime in the future), your vehicle will be in its original condition. Anyone can install this kit and detailed installation instructions with pictures are included.

*Note that this kit is designed for hatches that open to 100%. If you have set a custom height at which your hatch opens to, this kit may not work as intended in your vehicle and you should contact me prior to purchasing to arrange for a custom kit.

All of the high quality components were designed and selected to as not to damage or scratch any part of the vehicle. No tape, glue or adhesives are used. After going through 9 months of prototype testing and revisions, meeting with the beta testers in our Hawaii club to change out components, talking with them to get feedback, then working out things again based on that feedback and repeating the process, I am confident that anyone who purchases the product will love it and I stand by that with a 100% money back guarantee.

Shipping is $2 to anywhere in the USA and $7 to international destinations (international orders will pay $2 at the time of purchase and will receive a separate invoice for $5 via Paypal after I receive your order.)

I like things simple. If you're happy with it, great! If you want to return it for any reason for a refund, no problem--but I am confident that you'll be happy with it. :)

List Date: 9/1/2015

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This item is no longer available.