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  1. ChooseFreedom

    Service Center Options

    Hey gang, Looking for help choosing a service center. The 2 SC's that are <2hrs from me are Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH. Has anyone used either/both and would you recommend it? I have a GTW_w026 service alert, which seems to be related to the battery coolant heater? I'm also probably...
  2. G

    what part is this?

    what part is this? the name or even part number is a big help. Its from the old gen tesla model 3 center console trim. fell down the center console and dont feel like tearing the console up over this small piece.
  3. M

    For Sale: Model 3 performance 2020 20 inch Factory gunpowder wheels and Michelin pilot sport all season 4 tires

    (2) of the Michelin tires have Never been driven on and the other (2)have been driven less than 12,000 miles. All (4) wheels and tires stored in climate controlled basement on carpet floor for last 3 months after removing from car. Factory TPMS sensors installed. Small curb rash spots that have...
  4. Z

    Tesla part numbers (1234567-00-A)

    I have read online about the issue of what the part numbers are and so far this is what I have found the first 7 digits are used as the actual part number and that will differ mainly between different years, for example when the MCU changed from Nvidia to Atom. The last letter is normally the...
  5. D

    FS: Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper Cover - Midnight Silver Metallic, San Francisco, Excellent Condition - $500

    Selling a Tesla Model 3 front bumper cover (front faschia), OEM and painted in Midnight Silver Metallic for $500. The bumper is in excellent with the exception of some scrapes on the underside, which aren't visible unless viewing from under the car, and a small, single scratch on the top front...
  6. H

    Tesla Model Y Right side mirror assembly parts for sale

    Tesla Model Y Right Mirror assembly parts for sale Some parts missing Blue Skull cap cover $80 Heated/Dim mirror with wiring harness assembly $180 Right side mirror partial assembly $150 All prices OBO
  7. K

    TMPS Rebuild/Service Kits

    I just had the OEM TPMS sensors removed from my Aero wheels to be transferred to a new set of wheels. The sensors will need to be rebuilt (new valve, seal, etc.). before being reinstalled. Can a TPMS service kit be purchased directly from Tesla? Are their aftermarket options that are compatible...
  8. V

    Model 3/Y Console Accessory Trays Stock

    These have been out of stock for some time now. Any idea when these will be back? If ever? https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/model-3_y-console-accessory-trays
  9. ant0lin

    VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hood OEM Style

    For Sale Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Hood OEM Style Brand: Vis Racing Used but in great condition! Can help with install locally in Walnut 91789 (Near Los Angeles area) Retails for $1500+ $1000 picked up Will ship at buyers cost
  10. P

    Need reliable parts pricing.

    I need help getting reliable pricing for the following: 1035348-00-D 1035348-00-F 1035348-00-G 1037327-00-G 1037327-00-F 1037328-00-D 1037328-00-F 1037328-00-G 1054529-00-F 1054529-00-G 1057235-00-G 1490099-00-A 1088245-99-I* 1097015-00-M* 1057257-01-G...
  11. G

    Still Waiting on Parts from April 2021

    I took delivery of my Model Y in April of 2021. Upon delivery, I did a thorough inspection of the car, as many on this form advised, to look for scratches, panel gaps, etc. that would need to be addressed by Tesla Service. As expected there were a number of build-quailtiy issues with the Model...
  12. F

    Tesla parts ordering confusion

    Hello Everyone, I am getting mixed responses from Tesla service center in Houston. I used to call or submit a ticket to get the parts I need, but today they asked me to go to the approved bodyshop to order parts because SC are not setup for over the counter parts ordering. Called couple of...
  13. F

    Model 3 18” Aero Wheels For Sale - Portland, Oregon

    $200/wheel. Three 18” Aero wheels with TPMS air sensors included for Model 3, fits 2017-2020 at least, all variants. I believe it fits 2021-2022 too but TPMS sensors would not be compatible after 2020. Ok to buy only one wheel. Popular wheel for spare tire or winter wheel set. There is some curb...
  14. P

    Scratched my wheel cover bad, what should I replace it with?

    While turning right, I touched the curb with my back right wheel cover. It left quite a mark on the cover, here's a photo: What should I buy as a replacement? I found the Model 3 Aero Wheel Cover in the Tesla Shop, though I'm not sure if that would help. The scratched part is on the...
  15. G

    Tesla parts order… significant delay, pleasant resolution.

    In late August my car was hit by a good size piece of concrete that flew out of a dump truck, bounced underneath the car in front of me, and was headed straight for my tire. I swerved to make sure I wouldn’t run over it, and it hit me square in the center of the grill in the front of my car...
  16. D

    What is it? [what is this part?]

    I was fixing computer and tore it off by mistake. Anybody knows for what it is and how to find new?
  17. M

    M3/MY New Gen Handles (Mat Black)

    Hello all I have 2 sets off all 4 door handles for M3/MY these are the newer gen models that are mat black not the chrome finish ones. If you are interested please feel free to message me. Letting go of each set (4) 250 but we can negotiate if needed. Have a great day
  18. E

    FS: 2021 Model Y 19” Gemini Wheels/Tires

    Hi everyone! I’m in the DMV area but also willing to travel farther away to sell these Gemini wheels! I eventually got the induction wheels, so I’m looking to sell these to anyone who preferably needs them, thank you! Wheel Info: 5000 Miles No damage of any sort 19in.
  19. M

    E-mail for London-Chiswick, UK service center

    Might anyone know what the e-mail is to discuss parts ordering with the London-Chiswick, UK service center.
  20. S

    Tesla Model X Hitch

    $215 shipped priority flat rate large box. USA brand new, never used. Always garaged. Sold the X.
  21. IndyToronto

    Needed : Retainer Cips and Hex Screws and Bolts near rear bumper

    I installed the Torklift Ecohitch on my Model S over the weekend. I could not reuse the plastic retainer clips and found all the screws to be rusty. I do have different plastic clips but would like to use the exact clips. Would also prefer to replace the rusted blots and screws as well...
  22. J

    Seeking: Black Pre-facelift MS hood

    Purchased CPO and the hood had dings and paint damage. Looking for one with little to no damage.
  23. M

    Deconstructing 945

    I purchased my Tesla Roadster almost 10 years ago. It's hard to believe they have been on the road that long. Last year while trying to source a part for my soft top, I became painfully aware of how rare some of the critical components for this model are getting. Together with a friend I...
  24. M

    Parting Out Roadster Sport 945

    Re-posting with an update to refresh the feed. Roadster 945 is a Canadian Sport model that was written off due to a front end collision (Drivers side). I purchased the car with a fellow Roadster Owner as a donor car to secure a few critical components for our own vehicles. What we don't...
  25. W

    Scrolling wheel on steering wheel easily breaks. Is the part available separately?

    Have purchased used parts on eBay to get the scroll wheel. Is Tesla planning on selling part separately?
  26. DucaTinus

    Advies bij model 3 wrapping i.c.m de parkeersensoren (foto's)

    G'day Vorige week mijn tesla model 3 LR een complete wrap laten geven. Ben erg blij en een prachtig resultaat echter de witte ringen in de parkeersensoren storen mij enorm. Iedereen die mijn auto ziet vraagt logischerwijs wanneer dit wordt afgemaakt en dat is natuurlijk niet de bedoeling als je...
  27. G

    Why does no one at the service center or parts counter ever answer the phone?

    I've been calling multiple service centers looking to see if anyone has a pair of Model 3 cabin air filters in stock and not a single one will ever answer the phone or return messages I leave. Is this just a bad week (been trying since last Wednesday) to call or is it always like this? I've...
  28. AutobahnEV

    Vendor Autobahn Tesla Parts For Sale

    Finally have some quick snapshots of my new property that will have dedicated Tesla division parts storage! Organization is finally taking place! Just wanted to update everyone on what I do here in sunny San Diego. I have a full range of premium used Tesla parts concentrated in Model S with a...
  29. AZMurph

    What is this screw for?

    I vacuumed this up from the door cubby today on my Dec 18 MX. I assume it was sitting there loose and I never noticed it. Does anybody know where it belongs?
  30. M

    Best aftermarket parts for Model S?

    Hi All, What are the best aftermarket parts for a Model S? I just bought a CPO 2015 Model S 90D. This is my 2nd Model S and so I knew I needed Norm’s cubby drawer. I also bought Norm’s parcel shelf butler. I found a used OEM Tesla center console online and am buying it, I heard Taptes falls...
  31. J

    Long Wait for Parts -Body Work

    Hi! I've currently been waiting 4 months, 6 days for all of the parts to arrive to my body shop for fairly major front end body work. It's a Tesla cetified shop/2017 Model S/ not driveable. Anybody else have experience with how long it takes for Tesla to get the parts supplied for body work...
  32. T

    Top Entry Bracket for HPWC (New)

    For Sale: Qty 2 High Power Wall Charger Top Entry Brackets. These are from the most current generation (2017/2018) of HPWC. These are required if you are installing the HPWC in a top entry configuration. Condition: They are new, never installed and are surplus to my needs. Price $35...
  33. lunitiks

    Parts Catalog - Open for general access

    https://epc.teslamotors.com/ Hit the "General Public" button. You're welcome :)
  34. Happy Kappy

    Parting out three (3) 2017 Model S vehicles

    Hi all - I just completed a project and am selling off all my extra parts. I have the following that were in wrecks: 1) P100D 297 miles - black with black interior, premium audio, cold weather package, carbon fiber, 1 brick damaged 2) P100D 9,700 miles - black with black interior 3) 90D...
  35. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Model X Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit (w/ harness, subframe)

    I have a rear drive unit that just came out of a 2016 Model X w/ 5800 miles $5300, will accept reasonable offers Subframe and harness included Tesla Model S X (2012-2017) OEM Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit 3.0 # 1037000-00-F | eBay
  36. Stavesacre21

    Model X parts, extension cord and adapters for sale

    Sold our Model X and now we're cleaning house. PM or reply here if interested. Items are first come/first serve 50' Extension Cord - SOOW 10/3, safely handles 24 continuous amps, 14-50 Female to 14-60/14-50/14-30 male, weighs only 15 lbs - *TESLA USE ONLY - NOT FOR RV USE - AMPS MUST BE SET...
  37. M.V.P.

    Model S/X: Spare Parts Availability Issues

    I have a 2017 MX and I have been waiting three weeks now for replacement plastic rear wheel fender flare moldings that surround the wheel openings. When my Mt Kisco, NY SC placed the order they originally quoted me no more than a few days to get these parts but as each week passed their story...
  38. AutobahnEV

    Tan Leather Next Gen Seats (donor: 2016 90D)

    Have the LH + RH Front seats from a 16 90D w/ 16k miles. Leather is in great shape and the seats are fully functional $1500 for the pair PM with any questions Here is my listing: Tesla Model S (2015-2017) OEM Front Left + Right Next Gen Seats *Tan Leather* | eBay
  39. AutobahnEV

    2017 90D Rear Drive Unit 3.0 Part # 1037000-00-F (16k miles!)

    I have the rear motor out of the same 2017 90D w/ only 16k miles Spins strong. Ready to go $6500. Reasonable offers considered. Tesla Model S (2012-2017) OEM Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit 3.0 Part # 1037000-00-F | eBay
  40. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S OEM LH + RH Rear Next Gen Brake/E-Brake Calipers

    I have some late gen calipers off of a 2017 90D w/ 16k miles Asking $600. Tesla Model S (2016-2017) OEM Brake E-Brake Calipers # 1078541-00-A 1078542-00-A | eBay
  41. aslam

    WTB: UMC - Gen 1 or Gen 2

    Looking for an extra Universal Mobile Connector Bundle/UMC that can charge a MS to keep at home. I would prefer a Gen 1 but Gen 2 is also ok. Also, I would prefer if it includes a J1772 adapter, but once again I would also consider a well priced set without it. Please let me know whether you...
  42. M

    Chademo adaptor

    Tesla Chademo adapter for Model S, Model X, or Model 3. I bought it New from Tesla last year and used it maybe ten times. I recently sold my Tesla and am now selling the adapter. No issues. Tesla Chademo Adapter
  43. S

    Model X 22" Black Turbine Wheels - $4K

    Up for sale are the wheels in description. Photographs as pictured. Delivered to my house, brand new, never mounted, 0 miles. Located in Roseville, CA (prefer local pickup)
  44. B

    For Sale: $525 Signature Black Wall Connector (Ship or SoCal Pickup)

    We have two referral rewards for the Signature Black Wall Connector. I'm selling them for $525 each. Cash if local pickup in OC or LA PayPal to confirmed address - the only thing is I don't know the exact ship date so once you paid, I enter your shipping address through my reward code email.
  45. M|S|M MYP

    (2) 245/35/21 + (2) 265/35-21 FALKEN AZENIS BRAND NEW $644 SHIPPED

    Mods, if this is in the wrong place....please feel free to move it. Just thought id help out some of the fellow Tesla Motor Club Family looking for a set of new staggered tires for the Arachnids or for your P85+ wheels. Discount tire direct via Ebay right now has a promotion of $100 off $400...
  46. BradWI

    Radio Flyer Kids Tesla Redemption Code Available

    I have a redemption code for the Founders Series Radio Flyer Model S for kids. Must be redeemed by 3/31. It can be customized with your color preference & will be shipped direct to you from Radio Flyer. Asking $350 via PayPal “friends & family” (or $360 to cover fees if “goods or service”...
  47. hobbesdaboba

    20" Avant Garde M621 Wheels For Sale

    My 20" Avant Garde M621 wheels are for sale. $2000 picked up in Los Angeles or Orange County. I will not ship these! They are a gunmetal color and look absolutely fantastic on the Model S. The front tires have some tread left but the rear tires are done. The wheels will come with tire pressure...
  48. S

    Wheel Touch-Up Paint for Tesla Sonic Carbon Gray Touchup Pen

    Brand new Sonic Carbon Gray wheel touchup paint pen/brush. Non-Tesla brand. I bought it from Tesla Superstore on eBay since Tesla is out of stock. The seller listed as an exact match of the OEM wheel color. Here is the eBay listing: Wheel Touch Up Paint for Tesla Sonic Carbon 21 19 Gray...
  49. B

    WTB Center Console

    New here but looking for model S center console in piano black! Thanks
  50. E

    19" Slipstream wheel $800 (Bay Area pick up only)

    Hi, Selling set of 4 wheels + tires + TPMS. Came off from my 2017 Model S 90D with ~3500 miles (over 4 months) use before changing to 21". Local pickup and cash deal only. Asking for $800. No curb rash . Tesla wheel totes are included ! PM me if interested -Ed-