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  1. A

    Model Y Accessories for Australia

    I couldn't find an Australian thread for Model Y accessories. So opening a thread for all accessories for the RHD Model Y in Australia I'll start with a couple of questions that relate to hubs in centre console and glove box. I see these items listed for sale but I'm not sure what the benefit...
  2. A

    New Model Y owner - accessories recommendations

    Hey everyone - have purchased a bunch of tesla model y accessories and wanted to share my favorites in order of importance: Basenor heads up display https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097HQDMRP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_4EY14GPWPETHYJ92Q4GD?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Screen protector...
  3. B

    Tesla Online Shop - Emails ignored, half the order missing (£500+) What do I do?

    Has anyone else found it impossible to get in touch with the Tesla Online Store? The address given was: [email protected] I get an email back saying they will take a while to respond but then nothing for weeks. About 2 weeks ago I ordered 2 wall chargers and 2 pedestals. Only half...
  4. I

    Received a Tesla Shop gift card - what should I use it for?

    For Christmas this year, my amazing wife gave me a $200 Tesla Shop gift card and I've been struggling on what to use it for. Originally, I had planned to subscribe to FSD for a month, but since I work mostly from home, I feel like that would just go to waste (or "force" me to subscribe each...
  5. Jowua

    Vendor Unboxing Jowua: Invisible Foldaway Car Mount with MagSafe Charger and iPhone case.

    Jowua has introduced a new MagSafe car mount charger which is easy to install, keeps the minimalist style of the Tesla interior, and integrates wireless charging functionality to power up your iPhone with MagSafe. Jowua MagSafe cases were designed together with the car mount so you can place...
  6. iyordanov

    Vendor TWRAPS Introduces More than 20 products for the refreshed Model S

    Hey there! In the past few months I became known here as the guy who does things for us. My name is Iliya and I started my company TWRAPS a couple of months after I took delivery of the refreshed Model S. I love my car, but I have a long history of doing minor customizations on my cars and...
  7. T

    Tesla Model Y EV Mud Flaps Forsale

    Brand New, never installed Set of 4 mudguards, mudflaps, mud flaps for Tesla Model Y with mounting hardware. Stylish, simple, flat design. High-performance mudguards that protect from front to back. Its durable high-density polyethylene construction and ease of installation make these...
  8. L

    For Sale - Tesla Model 3 Accessories Kit

    Accessories for Sale, due to my red Model 3 being totaled by a Dodge Challenger running a red light... All items for sale, as kit only, for $350. Buyer pays shipping from Lexington, KY. Detailed pictures available upon request. Tesla Mobile Connector (charger) with NEMA 14-30, 14-50, and 110v...
  9. ishareit

    Model S accessories for sale - make me an offer

    Car salvaged. 2017 Model S Following accessories for sale. Prefer local pick up in Bay Area. Make me an offer for the accessory you are interested in. Everything is in pretty good condition. Let me know if need more details/photos (besides the ones in the link shared) Max 3D Spyder trunk...
  10. Audietron

    Pimp your Tesla Model 3 (Accessories)

    So the moment comes when new car is finally scheduled to be delivered soon... so no photos yet. I am curious, what accessories are helping you to turn your model 3 into more cosy and functional? I am starting with what I already went for my solid black Tesla M3 with black interiors, long list...
  11. F

    Favorite accessories and mods

    Looking to create a thread for the newest accessories and modifications you guys have made to your model s. Just overall to share your ride and what makes it unique to you , big Tesla fan here and love seeing everyone’s creativity.
  12. tshields

    Vendor I almost died because I wasn’t in a Tesla! (TeslaShields update)

    Just yesterday I was involved in a serious accident where I had a head on collision with an SUV going over 70 MPH. Needless to say that my car was absolutely totaled and luckily I was fine except for some bruising and burns caused by the airbag being super close to my feet. I am also extremely...
  13. tshields

    Vendor Important announcement from TeslaShields

    Tesla Freaks, Geeks, and Those in Between, It’s Jason here, co-founder of TeslaShields. I have some extremely exciting news to share with you all. First and most importantly, I am extremely excited to announce that we have started shipment of all of our customers’ orders (including our own...
  14. Red Rocket IV

    Free accessories for Model 3 - Dallas

    Free if you pick up Dallas area Front and rear Tesla trunk mats Rear sub trunk organizer Heat shields
  15. S

    Awaiting Delivery - Accessories and Prep (Am I missing something?)

    I've been lurking the community for quite some time but decided now that my MY5 is ordered to join. I'm exicted as it's my first EV and my post-deployment gift to myself which should be ready when I get back. 2021 Model Y - 5 Seat - Blue w/Black Interior & Induction Wheels... expected delivery...
  16. KDeanCville

    Tesla floor mats vs third party

    I've seen several threads on third party floor mats for the MY. I've not seen any comments on the Tesla floor mats or a comparison to third party. Is there much of a difference in appearance, function and/or cost? Thanks!
  17. J

    FS: Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners

    BRAND NEW IN BOX, NEVER USED I received these as a gift last week but already had them in my Model 3 - they were purchased directly from my local SC. Best floor liners I've had - made by Weathertech with Tesla logo on all. Prefer a local sale but willing to ship for the additional cost -...
  18. cnct_coolers

    Vendor Launching - Premium hard cooler for Model 3 trunk well

    Hi everyone, we are CNCT (pronounced "connect") Coolers. We are a new featured vendor and Made in the USA. We are launching the first hard cooler custom designed for the Model 3 trunk well. Check us out on our Vendor page here for photos, videos and website link. This is a premium cooler with...
  19. rincewind

    Which Jack Puck for Model3?

    As above really. The Abstract Ocean one seems quite expensive, the ones on Amazon possibly dodgy. Which one have people bought and did it fit?
  20. J

    Interesting and unique tech accessory

    Hope it's ok to start a thread about this...I figured it's a one of a kind setup and is worth sharing. Anyways, working in IT, I'm always used to having lots of monitors around me, so I used two of these clamps: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GVF445X To attach this monitor...
  21. skyline

    Vendor Skyline Introduces the Best Accessory for Model Y & 3 Interior!

    We are proud to release yet another unique and innovative product – the Skyline Console Insert with USB Hub! This fits all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles! The insert is offered in two configurations to meet your specific needs: cup holder or storage tray. Check out the video to see it...
  22. Medved_77

    Accessories Catalogue: Everything that's on my car.

    I've bought a fair few accessories. I initially used a Trello board to track purchases and make sure items arrived. I shared this board to help new owners but it was just a wall of text. I found a service called kit.co that allows you to catalogue kit that you own. So here it is, the 40 items...
  23. KyleM3

    Must Have Interior Accessories

    I just ordered my M3P yesterday and am riding the hype train, can’t wait! But, I wanted to see if there were any interior MUST haves for when the car comes in? I was debating the key card holder, but then I’m under the impression the key card isn’t as important if you use the phone key? I know I...
  24. Sphinxhunter

    Model 3 Accessories

    Not another thread... I know - Sorry guys, I've spent hours trawling through but can't really find what I need. Someone posted about the Tesla front and back exterior badges, not a decal but something that goes over the current badges, would love to find the link again, If anyone has a UK...
  25. M

    Panoramic roof sun shades

    I've had my M3 for almost a year now and it has been a near flawless experience. One of our small complaints is that on a sunny summer day the sunlight that comes in through the roof really is annoyingly hot, even with the A/C on. My goal is to have sun-shades that I can keep on while driving...
  26. blecchus_rex

    Portaging Kayaks?

    Anyone portage kayaks on the Model Y yet? If so, what's your setup and how's it working out for you? We've long had one on order to replace my wife's vehicle and were able to finally test drive one last week. That definitely went a long way toward building confidence that it'd have enough...
  27. P

    Model Y Accessories by Tesla

    Does anyone know when Tesla might be releasing accessories for the Model Y? Wondering how long after the Model 3 release they might have done the same... Am particularly interested in all-weather floor mats and a sunshade for the roof. I know accessory companies, like Tesmanian, are out there...
  28. P

    Brand New Tesla Accessories - 10% Off

    Hey all - I have some credits I need to use up soon with Tesla and am offering to buy anything you have your eye on and sell it to you for 10% off whatever I pay. I am located in the Bay Area and would prefer someone local, but would consider a shipping option too. Any accessories that can be...
  29. C

    Model Y Accessories/Extras... on a budget

    You now have your model Y, but only have $1,000 left to spend to buy any accessories/extras you want. How would you spend it? What else would you buy for your beautiful new ride? Thanks!
  30. AdVanced

    Let's Talk Accessories

    Hey everyone, I'm sure like many, after ordering, I immediately went to look up what accessories i'd want for the car. Bought a few to prematurely (Wireless charging pad and Hub) but was able to recoup most of the cost back. After taking delivery last week, I put together a list and acquired...
  31. MyNameIsMax


    Since ordering my Model 3 in January, I’ve been blown away by how helpful and entertaining this community has been. If you’re a certain type of forum-friendly, potentially slightly tech user, trawling this site is great. But not everyone gets the same kick out of digging through all the info...
  32. melbrayporkpie

    Which floor mats?

    I presume this one if for fellow SR+ chaps. What floor mats are you guys buying for your 3? Any recommendations would be fantastic!
  33. Beryl

    Aluminum Alloy Pedal Covers

    I bought an expensive ($125) aftermarket set for my S and even though I had them professionally installed, the break pedal cover fell off three times. I got sick of having it replaced and bought the ones sold by Tesla. Model S/X Performance Pedal Set They also installed them and for the next...
  34. Wick

    Not enough sales pressure?

    I accompanied my friend to a Tesla service center where he ordered his Model 3 with the help of a very kind and well-informed sales person. She helped with all the documentation, drivers license image, and all of that. What she did not do was inform him that his car would not have homelink, a...
  35. Avendit

    Abstract ocean sales?

    Happy Xmas all! After carefully not buying anything from AO over the last couple of months to leave easy Xmas options for the family, they all went and found non car related stuff for me. So now I finally get to put that multi item order in ;-) Does anyone know if AO do an after Xmas/Jan sale...
  36. Brother T

    My A-Z Guide to Model 3

    I am a happy owner of Model 3 Stealth Performance. I found out about the "silent but deadly" nature of EV cars through the movie Stuber. After a little research, I came across Tesla Model 3 and instantly loved it. So, I ordered it on Oct 31, 2019. However, going from order day to the day after...
  37. skyline

    Vendor Help us test new Tesla accessories!

    Hello TMC! Skyline is hard at work on some exciting new products for the Tesla community! So far, the feedback has been amazing for our Model 3 Sunglasses Mount! Tesla owners are telling us that they love our intuitive, custom designed solution to storing your shades in Model 3! If you...
  38. Joabe

    Black Friday Deals - M3 Accessories

    I thought I would start a thread where we could post all the upcoming deals that will be happening over the holidays. I will receive my P3D+ in December and there are a ton of accessories I want to purchase and get the best deal on (since I'm now broke after buying this car, ha ha) Please post...
  39. Adam W

    Model S Roof Rack - Winter is Here! ❄️

    Selling my Gen 1 roof rack for Model S, fitted for pano roof. WhispBar brand. Comes with all of the parts to secure to your vehicle. Had on a previously owned 2013 MS. Originally paid $550 2 years ago. Used for our kayaks but no longer own the Tesla. Accessories can be added like bike racks...
  40. J

    LR AWD Pending Pick-up: What do I really need right away?

    Hi all. I'm finally picking up my LR AWD M3 next week. I commute about 60 miles each way and have a Home Charging Station installed at my home for overnight charging. I will drive it 90% of the time and my wife will drive it the other 10%. I probably won't do anything cosmetic right away like...
  41. Kappelan

    The Best Tesla 3 Accessories

    I think it would be nice to share here the information and maybe even short reviews about your Tesla 3 Accessories. Screen protectors, floor and trunk mats, wireless chargers, organizers and so on. That would be useful especially for new owners I think. Didn't find a similar thread here.
  42. B

    Roadcomforts Mats

    I was fortunate enough to receive these laser cut floor mats for the Tesla Model 3 from Roadcomforts. I’m not advertised or paid by them in any way whatsoever. Thought I share with the Tesla community who good these mats are for $90. These floor mats are the real deal. For the price point, it...
  43. Jazz_MIII

    Taptes Accessories FYI

    Hey Fam...so I ordered a few things from TapTes...the cupholder inserts, the 9h tempered matte glass screen cover, the rubber red-lined center console liners, and Gen 2 Wireless charging pad (pre-order)...some thoughts: +TapTes likes to package everything completely sealed with DUCT TAPE...lol...
  44. D

    Accessories for Model 3

    Wanted to post the many things I have purchased for my Model 3 after buying. Of each item, I purchased a few different types and brands, and the below are the final that I am happy with. Screen Protector...
  45. M

    Best aftermarket parts for Model S?

    Hi All, What are the best aftermarket parts for a Model S? I just bought a CPO 2015 Model S 90D. This is my 2nd Model S and so I knew I needed Norm’s cubby drawer. I also bought Norm’s parcel shelf butler. I found a used OEM Tesla center console online and am buying it, I heard Taptes falls...
  46. ahirbe

    Vinyl Tesla Wall Decals

    Any interest from the community in buying wall decals "TESLA" or the "T"? I can cut any color vinyl 24" wide and really really long...
  47. P

    Model S Accessories

    Hello all. I sold my Model S and picked up a Model 3 so I have various accessories for sale. Message me if you are interested. I am located in the Philly area if interested in pickup. Thanks! 2 x Ultra-Bright LED Lights - Model S - Pick and Mix LED Lights - Pick and Mix LED Lights Model S -...
  48. ClarkJoeKent

    FOR SALE in GA: Model S accessories

    Hey Tesla GA fam, DM me if interested in any of the following Model S accessories. All are in great condition and prices are negotiable. Local pickup beats shipping! Note: a great meeting place is the Alpharetta-Roswell Service Center. • NEW (unused) 21" Arachnid silver wheel & tire set • Used...
  49. shauna

    Hitch Bike Rack for Model 3?

    Does this exist? I see there is one for Model X, will it fit Model 3?
  50. FlyErik

    Tesla.com/shop promotion codes?

    Just wondering if anyone has seen any promotion codes for getting accessories directly from Tesla? I'm planning to grab the Aero Wheel Cap Kit and the Tire Repair Kit but wanted to ask the experts here if I can save a little. Thanks for any advice or help!

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