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Awards for Model X

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Jan 29, 2010
Redwood Shores, CA
Starting this off although there aren't any yet.

We are on the cusp of having the Motor Trend 2016 "Car/SUV/Truck of the Year" awards being announced. This typically happens in early November going by past years:

Car, SUV and Truck of the Year Awards - Best Cars - Motor Trend

The Model S snagged the COTY award almost exactly 3 years ago and got a huge boost from it. Tesla has generously used the award to promote the car on its website and other literature.

So... wonder if Tesla managed to give Motor Trend a (Founder's?!) Model X for testing in time for "SUV of the Year"?

(Please, let's leave the discussions on the "utility" aspect of the X - including second row foldability or lack thereof - to other threads)

My understanding is that the X would only be eligible this year for the MT SOTY - as a new or a significantly redesigned vehicle - and may not be so, next year.

Thoughts? Chances of winning?
While I think the chances are good, Model X isn't going to surprise the automotive world in the same way Model S did. There are a number of classic ICE competitors with new CUVs out this year that should provide competition. XC90 and Pilot are all new for 2016.