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Bay Area Powerwall installer recommendations

I’m looking for SF Bay Area Powerwall installer recommendations. I would need the FTC and SGIP rebates plus a reasonable install cost (my installation would not be too complicated) to make the project at all financially justifiable.

So far, I’m discovering that Tesla is reasonably priced but currently offers no sgip rebates whereas 3rd party companies are essentially taking the sgip for themselves by charging ridiculously high install costs.

Any recommendations are appreciated.
Cobalt installed our 6.9kw solar three years ago. Their price was good but not fantastic, but they did an excellent job. I recently got a ballpark quote to add two powerwalls. They wanted $27,000, which means almost $13,000 for installation. As far as I can tell any Tesla certified installer who still qualifies for the SGIP will just add it to the install price and take it for themselves. Which means it’s still cheaper to just go with Tesla.
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I used Swell Energy at the beginning of the latest round of SGIP with a deposit in April 2017. At the time, their install was way more expensive than Tesla, but Tesla wasn't talking about the rebate at the time and they since raised their installation price.

Swell contracted the installation to a local installer who was very professional. In the end I'm very happy that I got a Step 1 SGIP rebate for two Powerwalls even though I originally only planned to get one.