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Best Aftermarket 20" Wheels Similar to Turbines

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Hey Gang,

I am thiiiissss close to confirming my Model S. I plan on reserving on the 27th/28th of this month so if anything gets announced for the S on the 29th I have time to modify. Anyway, the only thing I'm not completely satisfied with on my 90D MC Red are the 19" Cyclones I have with them right now. I don't like the other 19's, and 21's aren't an option - I've just read too many negatives. So I read on here that a good option might be to buy 20"s aftermarket, splitting the difference. My FAVORITE combo on the vehicle has been the 21" dark turbines, so I'd like to find a wheel that looks very similar to those. I know I CAN powder coat the 19" cyclones, but am looking for other options. I really like the Tsportline TST's, but they only come in 19". Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot! Can't wait!
I agree, I haven't seen much in the way of 20inch turbines. I have had my Tesla now for about a month and I wanted to get 20 inch wheels as well. I ended up going with the Vossen CVT 20 inch rims. The pictures online really doesn't do the wheels justice. I've had multiple compliments on the wheels in the short time I've owned the car. They might be a little more "spokey" than what you are looking for but it might be close enough to consider. Whatever you end up going with you wont regret the 20 inch wheels. They look fantastic and this size compliments the Tesla wonderfully. I'm keeping my 19" wheels to use as winter wheels and just swap them back and forth with the seasons.

This is the 20" vossen cvt
That's awesome, but your pricing vs the Rial's kills it for me right now. I'm worried the 20"s will be even more than the overpriced 19s.

The "Tesla Tax" is up there with the "Porsche tax" and WAY more than "BMW tax" and even more than "//M tax" for BMW M cars.

Calling the TSTs overpriced is a strong statement. Strong, lightweight cast wheels are difficult to come by. Even the OEM cyclones are more expensive.

Is this a serious statement? Or are you clowning?? SAE standards is better than nothing, but JWL or TUV testing/certification is the gold standard for wheels.
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