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Best Conditioner for Vegan Leather

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What is the best conditioner for the vegan leather seats and also the dash and door panels? I use ONR for cleaning but want something to condition and keep them a dark, deep black. Any recommendations with links would be awesome.

I tried to search but couldn’t find much for this. Thanks!
It's impossible to "condition" in the sense of leather. How does one "condition" plastic materials? There are however vinyl protectant materials, but they leave a weird greasy surface feeling IMO (since the polyurethane layer isn't actively absorbing anything).

We use a lightly damp ONR'd rag to clean our seats. Works well and they're fine 4 months in, washing weekly.
I use this to clean and wipe down the interior.

CarPro Inside 500mL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019KNU8LI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_EQ7PDb0TG6WG2

I’ve used this afterwards to apply a protective layer.

CarPro CQuartz Leather 30mL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00REX3LFM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_8R7PDbN0HDGSX

It's recommended to not use leather products on polyurethane ("vegan leather"). It can actually damage it in the long run (not likely you'll see any problem in the short term). Use some form of product designed for fake leathers / polyurethane if you use anything to ensure no long-term damage from the treatment product.

That said, for those of you with a real leather steering wheel, feel free to treat that as you would normally treat leather.
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You can't condition pleather, and automotive leather isn't conditioned either. Automotive leather is painted and sealed with a protective top coat. If you use raw hide or dyed leather conditioner on automotive leather, all the conditioner does is sit on top of the leather's paint. That's how you end up with nasty glossy leather over time.

Cleaning is all you need to do. Heavily diluted (30:1 or so) simple green works great, with a microfiber towel to scrub. Vacuum first, to ensure you aren't rubbing grit and effectively sanding the top coat away.

303 protector spray after a good cleaning will help protect the paint on leather or vinyl from fading or cracking from UV exposure.
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If you have looked into ultra fabrics recommendations for care instructions, you would realize not much needs to be done. Water or some Clorox wet wipes will take care of it.

I think old habits die hard. Everyone wants some protectant or sealant when technology has solved it for them. Although I’m sure companies are happy to take your money for care products.