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Better center console than the “yacht” console?

I just bought a 2015 Model S P85D. After looking at many different vehicles, the one purchased came with the “yacht” center console.

I’ve seen other 2015 MS with the full storage console, but not all. Was this a factory option or an accessory upgrade? I don’t see the accessory available on Tesla.com.

While I have come across the Teptas aftermarket console, I’ve read mixed reviews and trustpilot.com has that company reviewed as the ultimate scam.

Can someone guide me on the best options to get the full storage center console upgraded in for my Model S?

Thanks in advance!!
There used to be an official upgrade option from Tesla, I think it was $3,500 but they dont offer it anymore.

If you want to go cheap and quick just to get some organization down there you can get something like a little rubber organizer for about $50 on Amazon: link . I have it and it is heavier and more sturdy than the picture makes it look.

Teptas does make one that slides into place but honestly we are much further along the lifecycle of the car so you may be able to get one out of a wrecked Model S from a junkyard for cheaper.
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I kept an eye on used center consoles and landed on (now discontinued) Evannex version. I just kept hunting for it for a while - and eventually found a used one for sale. I like it a lot more vs. the $50 Silicone organizer you get get from Amazon.

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