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center console

  1. H

    Upgrade Center armrest/console from gen 1 to gen 3

    Hello everybody! I bought a model s from 2014 with the original yacht floor. I really love the new armrest in the newest model s/x, and i know that some people have upgraded the gen 1 center console to the newer gen 2 console. Does anyone know if there are any big differences size wise in the...
  2. IndyToronto

    2023 M3 LR AWD : Center Console USB C - charging only?

    So we picked up a 2023 M3 LR AWD yesterday, and I found after delivery that the center console USB C ports work as chargers only but has no data connection (ie : you can't insert USB storage to use for music/boombox/light show etc. The only data port appears to be in the globebox. Is this...
  3. C

    Looking to replace my charging pad in my 2023 MY

    I'm sure someone has asked this already, but the answers I have found so far all pertain to older Teslas with a different generation center console. The current charging pad makes the phones on it super hot when charging. Since I exclusively use iPhones, I was hoping to replace it with a...
  4. OtriFowd

    Vendor Flexihub is on the way! - the 2-in-1 USB hub and charger for your Tesla Model 3&Y

    Are you a proud Tesla owner who constantly struggles to reach the charging port and deal with multiple tangled cables?:( We understand your frustration! As Tesla enthusiasts ourselves, we've experienced the same problems. That's why we've developed a game-changing solution to solve all your...
  5. L

    Better center console than the “yacht” console?

    I just bought a 2015 Model S P85D. After looking at many different vehicles, the one purchased came with the “yacht” center console. I’ve seen other 2015 MS with the full storage console, but not all. Was this a factory option or an accessory upgrade? I don’t see the accessory...
  6. iyordanov

    Vendor Lower Center Console Tray (v2) for 2021+ Model S/X by TWRAPS

    Hey folks I just released our new lower center console tray for the refresh Model S and Model X. This fits under the cup holders area, which is generally one big open space. With this organizer you can split it into multiple parts so you can neatly organize smaller items. We also have a...
  7. C

    Model 3/Model Y Premium Center Console 2.0

    Center console 2.0 refresh for Model 3/Model Y for sale. Brand new, only opened and unwrapped to take pictures. Asking $850, shipping included. I ordered it at my Service Center in Kansas City and brought it home to DIY replace my current console which has slight wear and tear. Decided I...
  8. L

    MY Jan 21 Center Console

    MY Jan 21 center console not the “2021 model y slider console”. It is matte black but does not have the sliding console feature. Can anyone please advise what may have happened?
  9. X

    2022 Model Y, tesla forgot to install type c ports in the center console

    Just took my delivery yesterday. They forgot to install type c ports in my center console, wireless charging also doesn't work. Kinda hard to believe this... Is there anyone else here having the same situation?
  10. X

    2022 Model Y, tesla forgot to install type c ports in the center console

    Just took my delivery yesterday. They forgot to install type c ports in my center console, wireless charging also doesn't work. Kinda hard to believe this... Is there anyone else here having the same situation?
  11. W

    Center console black hole

    I lost a paper receipt in between the space in the center console and it’s cover. Does anyone know how I can access that space
  12. H

    2021 Model Y — Need to Tap Power Source/Feed to Qi Chargers

    I have a 2021 Tesla Model Y with the NEW center console… the one with the NON-REMOVABLE Qi Wireless Chargers. I have two devices that require power and are located in/around the bottom of the 15” display. Visible wires ARE NOT an option. I want to tap into the power source for these new...
  13. N

    MY LR New Features

    Took delivery of MY LR today. Confirmed features: Heated Steering Wheel New Center Console Could not confirm New Headlights? I guess not? (See pic) 82 kWH battery - How do I confirm?
  14. L

    Requesting Center Console

    I placed an order on March 1st and the advisor said I'd get the new center console update. The next day I got assigned to a VIN of 110xxx. The delivery center confirmed that it didn't have the center console, so I asked to unassign me from it. Yesterday I got assigned a new VIN, and it was...
  15. TMYB-C1

    New Tesla Shop Item - Model 3/Y Center Console Trays

    I do not believe I have seen these in the Tesla Shop before Model 3/Y Center Console Trays The listing even includes mention to a “Refresh Console and Pre Refresh Console”
  16. Guacahummus

    FS or Trade: Model 3 Center Console Gen 1 (TX or OK)

    Putting out there to gauge interest/price in a Gen 1 center console for the Model 3/Y either to trade for a Gen 2 console (preference) or to sell (make an offer). Willing to offer money if trade. Will include TapTes wireless charger. I'll keep original key card reader from my car. In DFW area...
  17. J

    SoCal - Model 3/Model Y Center Console

    Removed my center console from my 2021 Model Y, perfect condition and fully functional. I upgraded to the new center console design. Local pickup only, asking $550. Fits in any Model 3 or Y same bolt on pattern.
  18. I

    WTT - M3/MY Center console 1.0 for 2.0

    I have a 2021 Model Y and hoping to find someone who has the redesigned 2.0 center console that would prefer to have the original style. Mine is flawless, wrapped with xpel stealth to matte the piano black, and from a vehicle with under 1000 miles. I believe the Y and 3 have interchangeable...
  19. jmatero

    Center Console Doors Misaligned - DYI Fix?

    My lower center console door (ahead of cupholders) is shifted to the left and so not centered. Also, when the phone door is closed, it sticks up on the right side where it meets the other door. I know the side panels come off pretty easily but wondering if there is any adjustment that can be...
  20. Poncherelly

    how to Remove piano black center console caps

    Has anyone seen a video on how to separate the piano black covers from the center console? I've seen videos on how to remove the center console, but I'm actually looking to remove the black cover(cap) from the lids ... if it's even possible. I've seen that i1TESLA did it and I've reached out...
  21. G

    2017 Model X 100D, Obsidian Black Metallic, 6-Seat w/ Console, 21.6K miles

    We're selling our 100D Model X that is in great condition. Gently driven, always garaged, low miles at 21,665. We took delivery on December 30, 2017 so there is over a year left of the standard warranty as well as the option to purchase the extended warranty until January 2022. Asking...
  22. S

    Center console for Model S

    I recently bought a 2015 Tesla Model S. I'm not too satisfied with the center console. I decided to explore aftermarket accessories. I found that most of the ones are designed for models built after 2016. The ones that are designed for all Model S do not occupy the entire gap in the center...
  23. skyline

    Vendor Skyline Model 3/Y USB Hub & Console Insert

    We are proud to release yet another unique and innovative product – the Skyline Console Insert with USB Hub! This fits all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with the first generation console (all cars until the upcoming interior refresh). The insert is offered in two configurations to meet your...
  24. Daniellane

    Cupholder doubler inserts

    I found these on a Norwegian site.(bilkomponenter.no) Couldn’t find an English translation. But I would love to add these to my Model S. Anybody know if there is a source in the US? I posted a question regarding shipping to the USA in English on the site using the help button. Waiting for a...
  25. Massive Attack

    Armrest Covers - Shiny, Happy People?

    Have any of you purchased the shiny-style center armrest covers? I'm trying to determine if they are actually hard plastic, or just a shiny coating on a soft padded material. A forum search did not provide the answers I was looking for . For reference, here are a couple of examples: Taptes...
  26. jobiggs24

    Black/Gray Evannex Console

    Bought in Dec 2018. Gray leather with Piano Black. Asking $275 plus shipping from NY 12159.
  27. Seth2020

    Piano Black center console cleaning and protection treatment

    I know many folks like to wrap their center console. I may wrap mine someday after I get tired of its current look, but for now I like it. I has read in several forums that Duragloss 951 Automotive Aquawax is a good product for the exterior paint after a wash -- and it is! But I decided to...
  28. Scrumper

    Center Console - Taptes 350

    Taptes drop in center console. Barely used, it is from the far east so definitely not the build quality of an original piece, but for a quick drop in solution to the plain yacht floor it's fine. Black leather, white stitching, gloss cover over the charging box (USB ports). Used it for a few...
  29. D

    I spilled coffee latte inside of my model s center console

    I saw there was a front side cup holder panel and assumed that there was a rear side cup holder panel as well behind my coffee cup but there wasn't. Half cup of coffee was spilled off. Because milk in coffee, I guess it will be later very smelly. I tried to clean the console as much as I could...
  30. B

    Improvements on my new ‘used’ P85D

    Hey everyone. I finally pulled the trigger on my ‘new’ used Model S and it is a beauty! It’s a 2015 P85D, loaded to the gills. I actually think it has every option Tesla offered at the time, including rear facing jump seats, panorama roof, alcantara dashboard and carbon fiber trim. I’m thrilled...
  31. M

    OEM Gen 2 Center Console

    Would anyone know the part number (and possibly the price) of the Model S Gen 2 Center Console that is sold as standard equipment as part of the Model S 2016.5 onward through today. I do not need or want an aftermarket one or the one for sale on Tesla's shop website...
  32. J

    Model S - I keep losing credit cards and checks in the console

    Wondering if anyone else has this issue and how they've resolved it. In my Tesla Model S, the newer ones that have center console in between the seats. If you lay a credit card or check there and then you start to drive and you brake, the credit cards, papers, checks or whatever slide up into...
  33. justinchu77

    Anyone (in GTA) interested in buying Center Console wraps together?

    The piano black really freaks me out, although it is nice untouched, but it is obviously a magnet to everything. I got a deal that saves $10USD if order is over $50 USD, will probably save shipping cost too. Theres nothing else I want on the site at the moment though. Model 3 Center Console...
  34. B

    FS: Avantelle Center Console

    Selling my Avantelle Center console that I've used for a couple of months. I got it direct from the manufacturer - it was a demo model but is in perfect condition. I don't think they make them any more. Selling because my OEM Tesla one came in. Asking for $200 picked up (located in Orange...
  35. NikolaWasRight

    OEM Center Console Black

    650$ USD Shipped within 48 states 600$ Local Pickup in SoCal (San Diego) I bought a CPO 2015 P90DL and it was installed after original purchase. There's a piano black yacht floor underneath I'd rather have exposed. Please PM me if interested. I still have to take it out, but that takes only a...
  36. skyline

    Vendor Finally a place for sunglasses in Model 3!

    Hello TMC! At Skyline, we have been hard at work designing and testing cool new accessories for the Tesla community! Last year, we introduced our Case-friendly Phone Dock for Model 3, and the feedback has been clear: Model 3 owners love it! Customers who have reviewed their purchase have...
  37. R

    Center Console Cover Won’t Stay Open

    I thought I had dropped something behind a cup holder in the large center console. I reached in, grabbed it, but now the cover will not stay open. It slowly closes when I try to have it open. I don’t feel the locking mechanism when I open it. Has anyone seen this problem or know of a fix...
  38. D

    Center console storage ideas

    I think the model 3 offers some of the largest center console storage space among the cars in the world. I wonder if anyone had any interesting ideas on how to use this space. I will start, I printed this design from thingiverse to give me a small trash can so I can throw pistachios shells in it...
  39. T

    Removing Phone Tray Question

    I have a rattle coming from my center console and am 99% sure it is coming from the phone tray. I removed the two charging cables from the phone tray and that helped immensely, but there is still a rattle coming from the actual tray itself. Is it possible to just remove the tray altogether as I...
  40. M

    Tesla Center Console

    Hello, I just bought a CPO 2015 Model S 90D, and would like to buy a Tesla Center console. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Mike 916-5four9-2102
  41. NoMoGas

    WTB 2016+ Model S Center console w/cup holders/USB

    Looking to buy a complete center console to upgrade my 2014 Model S. Feel free to DM if you happen to have one for sale.
  42. Jack NYC

    Vendor Do you still dig your sunglasses out from the big console armrest?

    The Tesla model 3 has a large space available in the center console area. You may used to put your sunglasses or whatever in there but don’t you feel kind of a pain to look through the big deep storage to get to stuff? Or, you don’t even use it. The new Seogolar center console organizer custom...
  43. sargeom

    Evannex Center Console Insert - Obeche Wood Gloss Trim w Black Leather

    Ordered a M3 so selling my Evannex CCI - obeche wood gloss trim with black leather. Had it for less than a year, excellent condition. No scratches whatsoever. Evannex is no longer selling this trim and some are on eBay for $800. Selling for $400 plus shipping. If in the Los Angeles area, I can...
  44. Daniellane

    Center Console Upgrade - Tesla Model 3

    I just posted this demo of: Taptes Multi-Function Organizer Box for Tesla Model 3 Center Console Center Console Upgrade - Tesla Model 3 Taptes Product Link: Multi-Function Organizer Box for Tesla Model 3 Center Console
  45. G

    2015 Model S Front console

    I just got myself a CPO 2015 model S 85D. I am in need for the center console if anyone is selling I would love to buy, Would also be interested in cubby, rear console, cup holder and/or floor mats. There are not necessary, the center console is what is bothering me quite a bit. I am in San...
  46. S

    Possibly how they are getting the Roadster to 620 mi range

    So I noticed in the demo they gave for the Roadster that the frunk and trunk were unaccessible. That leads me to believe that that is where they shoved all the extra batteries needed to get the roadster up to 620 miles of range. But that of course will not work for the production version, so...
  47. E

    Tesla Center Console Gray Interior - $225

    Like new Tesla Model X center console for gray interior. Includes extra cup holder. Easy to install - snaps right in. Ready for pick up (SOCAL) or buyer pays for shipping.
  48. E

    Tesla Center Console Gray Interior - $275

    Like new Tesla Model X center console for gray interior. Includes extra cup holder. Easy to install - snaps right in. Ready for pick (SOCAL) or buyer pays shipping.
  49. T

    Center Console for Model 3

    I needed a center console for my Tesla as soon as possible since I am not the most organized person ;) I found this on Etsy and I received it yesterday in the mail. Here is the link for all of you that have the same problem as me: It's pretty cool since it has been 3d printed and the quality is...
  50. P

    2016 Model S 70D w/ Autopilot - $57,000

    2016 Tesla Model S 70D (AWD) with Autopilot and Summon Features. Metallic Silver Exterior, Premium Black “Next Generation” Leather Seats, Black Alcantara Headliner, Carbon Fiber Décor, Premium 19” Cyclone Wheels, Premium Interior and Lighting, Premium Black Center Console, *FREE SUPERCHARGING*...