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Blackvue causes interference with Autopilot

This is a weird , 4 week saga. New 2019 September production raven model x. Install dash cam (Blackvue 2-ch 4k). Drive away from the shop. Autopilot does not work. Take it back, the auto custom shop uninstalls the Blackvue, tucks wires into headliner. Drive it around a little, cruise control and autopilot are back on (and my headlights are now auto sensing instead of always on). Weird.

Take it back, they reinstall the dashcam, only routing the wires outside of the conduit . Okay, ugly, but autopilot is still working! Success!

Take it back a week later to try reinstalling it back into the windshield conduit for a more seamless look. Bam. Autopilot doesn't work again. They remove the cover from the camera unit, and demonstrate to me that autopilot indeed started working again. Great! Place the cover back on, chalk it up to a fluke, drive home. Next morning, get in my car, autopilot not working again.

Anyone heard of interference with Blackvue dash cam (DR900S-2CH) interfering like this???


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Aug 27, 2018
Could be noise or voltage drop. But it sounds more like noise issue since the power wouldn't change from covers on or off or wires hanging, but installing covers and and new wires along side others could.

I'd make sure any new wires are shielded and see if that does it. If it is a "Video" wire, those can be very noisy. If one of the cables in the conduit is to the rear camera, try just removing that.
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How about trying it getting the power from a classic hang the 12V ‘cigarette lighter’ in the air from the dashcam? That would eliminate all interference from being near other cables.

We’ve seen tons of Blackvue installs over the years with no issues so something is either strange here or changed with recent (Raven?) cars.


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Nov 26, 2012
Kaneohe, HI
Does the dash cam share the same power source? Where does the dash cam get the 12V from? Can you hook your dash cam to the OBDII port instead?
I agree with Tam. Better to get your power from the OBD II port. I helped a friend install Blackvue in an X. We added another slender plastic conduit to conceal the 2nd camera and power wire from the OBD II port so we could make it look "clean". But didn't tap power at the mirror.
The conduit is pretty tight, I wonder if a thinner cable is being used without good shielding. I ran my Thinkware in the conduit, with switched power tapped from the mirror and constant 12V from the trailer harness in the driver foot well. The rear camera cable though was thick and well shielded, although that made running it through the channel more difficult.
Update: blackvue was uninstalled from the vehicle. Still doesn’t work. Dropped it off at the Tesla SC last Monday and I still don’t have it back.
Diagnostics (on this brand new vehicle) pointed to a bad Triple Cam, so they ordered a part which took 4 days to arrive, but that failed to fix the problem.
Now they believe it to be the DAS module, which is responsible for all driver assistance features. No word yet on how long THAT will take to replace.
I’m happy to hear it isn’t any third party modifications that hurt the vehicle, but frustrated that a brand new model x could have these sorts of issues out the gate. Oh well! It’ll just make our reunion that much sweeter.


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Nov 22, 2017
Rancho Cucamonga
We don't have anything connected to the 12V, but the last time we took our X into service, the service agent told us if we have anything connected to it, we need to remove it. They will charge us $75 for "diagnostics" if we have aftermarket accessory hook up to the 12V. Maybe it is only a SoCal service center thing, but just beware of that when you have a functional dashcam and had to take your X into service.
I have the exact same camera. Mine was mounted and cables were run through the center-line cable guide and I have 0 problems. I would not think it is any "noise" in the lines. The power for the dash-cam is DC so not subject to the same sort of induction that an AC line would have. The video cables for the blackvue is a coax (shielded) line. I would presume that the video cables for the autopilot cameras were similarly shielded coax.

My initial thought. Possible that one of the cables to the self drive cameras is loose. adding these cables in the channel puts some strain on that cable and it causes issues. Could even be a bad cable with a cracked internal shielding to the autopilot cameras.

I don't think it is a power draw issue since it works fine when the cables are outside the conduit. It seems to be something very physical and related to putting more things in that conduit. Plus, I presume you also installed the hardwired kit for the blackvue? That should make sure the camera and everything is properly connected and grounded.

I’m happy to hear it isn’t any third party modifications that hurt the vehicle, but frustrated that a brand new model x could have these sorts of issues out the gate. Oh well! It’ll just make our reunion that much sweeter.

I would not take this out on Tesla 'too much'. I mean it was working until you had someone mess with stuff, and it sort of broke it. It could have been mildly faulty or on the edge and the stress pushed it over. Not exactly easy to test for. I doubt they build their cars, and then start doing things like moving wire bundles around, or smacking stuff with a hammer to see if anything breaks before they ship it.

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