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BOE Marque mirrors

I ended up finding an aftermarket mirror I liked. After some searching I found the BOE Marque mirror, its like the Craftsquare Mirrors but the base has a better design to it as well as a more fit and finished look. It also does not have the goofy arrow shape that the Craftsquare mirrors have which I think looks odd and ridiculous. The mirror itself is an ARP mirror, same as the sector111. People typically buy the mirror and then have the bases custom made as sector111 & boe did. The mirror glass is blue and has a convex shape which was a requirement of mine. I called BOE, since they had the mirrors on their site for sale and inquired about them. I knew they were a limited production item. They said they don't have those anymore, also that they were losing money since it cost a good bit to make the bases and don't expect to be making them in the future. However he said he'll look around, that there were some ones that had a scratch or nick on the base he'll sell to me at a discounted rate. Well he found a set, I believe his last set. Stoked and can't wait to install them!

Below are some pics and a link to the Lotus forum with a poster reviewing them:
BOE Marque Mirrors Review/Installation Tips - LotusTalk - The Lotus Cars Community





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Do you have details of the install as if I recall there are 3 bolts holding the mirror on but I could only get to two of them.

From what I researched online there were Lotus Elise's that had easy access to the 3 bolts to remove the mirrors, then later for some reason a plate was put in the door that prevented access to the 3rd bolt. I believe our Roadster is based upon the later design. It appears I may have to pull off the door panels to access this 3rd bolt but we'll see. Mirrors should end up at my house this week. I haven't pulled the door panels off, hate too, since the panels are as fragile as an eggshell and easily will crack if enough force is exerted on them. If I do remove them I'll also pick up a set of tweeters to install in the doors, my Roadster came without them. However the wire for the tweeters is live and already fished to the door. Verified it with jbadgers car when he did his soundproofing upgrade.

Here's a quick link on removal of the mirror, both versions:
Help needed - Side mirrors removal - LotusTalk - The Lotus Cars Community

There appears to be a rail that gets in the way, only way to remove the mirror is to remove the door panel, remove the window, remove the motor, then the rail. After that you can access the last mirror bolt. I really hope I don't have to do all this, but somethings makes me believe I do.

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Yes, you need to remove the door panels to reach the third bolt. Here are some pics to help. The leather inserts (door cards) cover a screw in each corner. You need to be EXTREMELY careful when removing the push clips that attach those. The brackets on the backside of the insert are very fragile. You will need a clip removal tool to avoid breaking them off. as they are just bonded on (last pic, one is broken off). The holes in the door panel seem to be too small for the clips, making removal a pain.

- - - Updated - - -

And while you might be tempted to to just bend the inserts to reach the two screws, the leather is glued to the plastic backing, and can be easily torn loose. The plastic itself seems pretty flexible. Use that advice as you see fit.
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Installed the BOE mirrors today and happy with the results. Taking the original mirrors off was rather easy, the third bolt is by the inside door pull (that opens the door). You have to remove the door pull and if there's a black sticker covering the hole, remove that too. Only my drivers had the sticker. Also the window has to be rolled completely down to access the screw. Most importantly, be very gentle and take your time while following the pics of the door panel screws / fastener locations above to protect your door panel from crack damage or even breaking a fastener. Only apply pressure around and under the fastener, not to the far side of it. I tried using a pop tool but ditched that, it was easier just using my hands and having a good feel for it. I pulsated my tugs instead of one heavy pull, the came out perfectly one by one. I also saved the mirror stickers on the inside of the door, the ones that match the paint of the Roadster. Used a sharp razor blade to get under it, then pulled up gently and they came right off. I'll clean them off and reuse those. I also had to file down the BOE mirror base for that the Elise as MAUTO pointed out has an aggressive curve at the bottom of the mirror vs the Roadster. I filed the corner off that mates to the door, rechecking, filing and fitting. Then I used that mirror to quickly file down the opposite mirror by eye. That worked out well, had only 2 more finish filings to make it fit perfectly. I didn't install the black sticker that BOE supplied yet, I want to prep the area well. The original mirror must have been wrenched on before the paint had time to cure, the paint just mushed and as a result has high spots and valleys. I filed down the highs, going to run a light glaze over the valleys soon, sand, clean and apply the sticker so it won't have any bumps. Black stickers show all the imperfections.

I'm leaving the panels off for now, just ordered a Blaupunkt set of 5 1/4 speakers with grills and 1" tweeters with crossovers. I'll most likely upgrade the rears to these 5 1/4. They look (at least the grills) almost identical to ones that came with the Roadsters. Should be by the weekend that I'll get those and hopefully install them as well as to button up the panels.


Below shows just how much drag the stock mirrors had:

And at 1:11 of the video showing how much drag with the fog/smoke hitting the mirror:

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That would be the best way to do it, possibly a satin black to match the window/pillar scheme. Will have to pull the mirrors anyway to prep & lay the sticker down. Also need to have some good temps for the paint to cure well, its been dropping in temps lately. Honestly doing a nice spray coat will go on quick for such a small job, most work will be taping & prepping as usual.

Like the high definition and visibility the mirrors offer, still adjusting to the perception change and will be for a week or two I'm sure. Blue tint / anti-glare is great in day & well appreciated at night. Mirrors are very easy to adjust and has a wide range of adjustment points. Will look forward on the next highway long range drive, I can easily unscrew the passenger mirror & stem from the BOE mount using a small wrench. The car will still be street legal with the driver & rear-view mirror. Should cut down on drag some compared to the larger footprint and lengthy arms of running both stock mirrors. Also could pick up a smaller round motorcycle mirror to replace the drivers if I wanted to, cutting down even more on drag. One thing for sure, they're light as a feather. So less weight moving back and forth when opening / closing the door as well as it should be more dampening with bumps for that there's no heavy mirror on a lengthy arm to help amplify jolts and bumps. Lastly its nice in parking lots since the mirrors are tucked closer to the door and body of the car. Easier to maneuver the car in tight places (even more-so than it was before). Less chance of bumping them or people running into them. Now have to work on finding a cutter to have my rearview micro mirror made in the same anti-glare blue. I'm buying an aftermarket 1/8" mirror glass replacement for a car, then having the mirror cut to a die made for the micro-mirror. I may pull the original micromirror glass out or just stick the blue one over top with some silicon. Best would be to remove the old one. Hopefully a heat-gun will help release the glue and glass.
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Some pics with the clear-top which look more fitting. The weave of the CF on the APR mirrors are in the same direction of the roll bar thank goodness :) Very pleased with the mirrors, higher visibility, and lower wind resistance. Can notice a substantial amount of wind noise has dropped after doing the upgrade and having the windows down.

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