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Bolt slow quick charge

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I was at a Chademo station earlier and a Bolt was plugged in. Dang that thing is SLOW to charge.

No idea what he started out with but the screen read 55 min and he was only at 72%. He was also only pulling 62 amps. That is WAY slower than any Tesla charges. If Chevy wants to make a real world (mass market) EV then they really need to step up those charge rates.
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The Bolt has a low max charge rate and and aggressive taper. From 0% to 50% SOC they top out at 40-45kW (I think it's 50kW on paper but I don't think I've seen anyone report actually hitting that) The charge rate drops off about 20% at 50% SOC. At 70% it drops even further - another 30%-40%. There is yet another significant drop just after 80%.

I was on the verge ordering a Bolt before I got a chance to configure a Model 3 and I was resigned to not bothering with road trips as even "fast" charging was going to have me spending twice as much time charging as driving.
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Yeah,so much for that 80 kW rumor.

I just asked on Twitter how the Bolt/Ampera-E charges at a 170 kW charger and the CTO of a fast charging operator (Fastned) told me that under ideal battery temperatures, the car charges 20% faster than at a 50 kW charger peaking at 55 kW at 55%. After that tapering kicks in and there is no advantage over a 50 kW charger.