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Bolt vs Model 3 Comparison

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by musicious, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. musicious

    musicious Member

    Apr 11, 2015
    Wheeling, IL
    This article must be written by GM or someone shorting Tesla stock, completely biased:
    Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevrolet Bolt: Battle of the long-range EVs

    1. Tech- He totally downplays Autopilot, no mention of Over-The-Air updates or supercharging and claims Bolt tech is better... really??!!

    2. Design- Tesla interior likely isn't finished lets see how it compares in the next conference. Would be nice to compare interior passenger space (I think Tesla may win here) and cargo capacity (maybe the bolt wins due to hatchback)

    3. What about safety? We all know the Tesla Model 3 will likely be the safest car on the road again in every test just like the S and X

    4. Coefficient of Drag - Not enough info yet but I'm guessing the Tesla is more aerodynamic with lower COD for better range with base model

    5. Pricing/Options: He stresses that the average Model 3 will likely be more cost than the Bolt due to options (Elon said about 42k average); well none of these will even BE an option on the Bolt!
    A) Battery upgrade for likely 300+ mile range
    B) Autopilot (still no other cars that come close to tesla and it likely will be next gen autopilot features)
    C) Performance upgrades that compete with comparable priced (50k+) performance cars that are a higher category than the bolt so the higher optioned Model 3 skews the average Elon mentioned and is irrelevant to the base price comparison.

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