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Buying a Model 3 LR while living in Wyoming

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Hey all,

So, I recently ordered a 2021 Model 3 LR, but I been having second thought regarding it. One, is because the nearest service center is all the way in Denver or Salt Lake City and I don't think it would be worth the drive, just to fix something minor. Another, thing is that I have been reading about how the cold and the wind affects the battery range, so instead of the 355 range that Tesla has on their website, it can be around 250 depending on the weather. I was just curious for people who own a Tesla and they live in Wyoming if it's worth it to them and how do they handle the different issues.

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355 rated miles could be as bad as 200 actual miles in a Wyoming winter at highway speeds. But you can always drive slower and bundle up (turn off the heater). You'll probably be able to get 250 that way if you need it. The winds in that part of the country can be a big factor so you'll want to be aware of them on longer trips. Generally speaking be wary if you are heading west. They often help you when traveling east. There is some good news. The thin air at higher elevation extends range a little. I got my best range ever eastbound on I-80 in Wyoming in summer.

I believe there is ranger service for Wyoming, but I'll let someone with real world experience fill you in there. It might depend on where you live, so you should probably fill us in on that. You might also want to share your typical driving habits if you want us to help you determine if the car is right for you. Generally speaking, these are great cars, but there are still some extreme use cases where an EV does not make sense. For example, I just told a guy on FB not to get a Tesla as he lives in Fairbanks, AK and makes long drives in interior Alaska all the time. The infrastructure just isn't there for that yet. Parts of Wyoming might be the same but at least the interstates are covered with superchargers now. Some forum members have also installed some L2 chargers at strategic locations, so that will help too.

BTW, there is a Wyoming thread on here already. You might want to read through it:

Other Owners in Wyoming?
Also, you'll definitely want a 240V outlet or the HPWC to charge at home. If it gets cold enough, 120V just doesn't push enough juice to warm the battery to an acceptable level to charge.

I would also say that while you need to keep in mind the initial manufacturing problems, most maintenance (tire changes, wiper changes, body work, etc.) can be done by yourself or in a non-Tesla shop. The concern would be the stuff that is more Tesla-specific.