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By screen is black . . . has been for 2 days . . . won't reboot

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Hi y'all, I know black screens have been discussed before so sorry if I missed the response but I couldn't find an answer to this question. The screen on my 2023S went black 2 days ago. I've tried rebooting with the scroll wheels, but that doesn't produce a response of any kind.

I can drive the car--D, R, N, P, and Hazard bar lights up. And I can charge the car. But nothing else. No turn signals, for example.

I went on the app for a service appointment but the first available is in mid-June. I'm wondering if I should just drive the car to the service center and see if I can get somebody to look at it. It looks like I can also request a tow by choosing "won't power on/start" on the app under drivability concerns. Before I follow one of these paths, are there hard reboot options available that I should try first at home? Any advice would be most welcome!
With no screen you gotta find another way to shut the car down. There is a way, but I don't know the details. When the mobile tech came to my house to replace a peeling yoke on my 2022 MSLR he pull apart a connector under the cover in the frunk. He said "I'm gonna shut down the car" as he pulled the connector apart. However, I don't know which connector it was. Reconnecting the connector brought the car back to life. Here's a pic
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Even without the screens and during a reboot while driving, the turn signals work -- you just can't confirm that with the indicators or clicking sound. The car itself should be OK to drive, and I think the APP functions should allow charging changes, and perhaps climate setting changes, but safety is in the eye of the beholder. Without the visual and audible confirmations, speed limit, etc, you are driving half blind. I wouldn't drive it unless absolutely necessary myself. I also don't know if some of the emergency features would still work correctly.
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