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California AB2013 - Expansion of PHEV access to HOV lanes in CA by 45,000 more cars

Discussion in 'Energy, Environment, and Policy' started by AEdennis, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. AEdennis

    AEdennis Active Member

    Jul 23, 2013
    This post is intended for those in California.

    There has been some efforts to expand access to HOV lanes by PHEVs above the 40,000 vehicles that have already been issued by the original law.

    Currently, any PHEV (up to a 40,000 vehicle limit) can drive the HOV solo. This basically a similar law as the White Sticker one for Electric Vehicles, however, the legislature provided a vehicle limit.

    The proposal as it stands today by Assemblyman Muratsuchi would expand the access to an additional 45,000 vehicles.

    Whether you support this expansion or oppose the expansion, please send your opinions in to your Assemblyman and State Senator.

    My take on this is the law as it is created and look to be amended is flawed. I believe that additional PHEVs should be extended the courtesy of this privilege. However, I propose that this be done, on my blog post, with a minimum EV range greater than vehicles like the Toyota Prius Plugin (with 9 miles of range) or even the first generation Volt at 40 miles of range.

    Basically, I'm fine with larger range PHEVs (perhaps the new BEVx category) joining us in the privilege of solo HOV access as long as it is restricted to a new generation of PHEV that runs on electric for much longer ranges than is currently in the market.

    Whether your for or against this expansion (or somewhere in between like myself) please write to your Assemblyman and State Senator.

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