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  1. A

    Online survey on fostering and improving electric vehicles and the adoption of its services (Tesla cars as case study).

    Hi Australian Tesla owners, My name is Awatif Khalid Alotaibi from the Information System School, Queensland University of Technology (QUT). I’m doing a PhD research project for Electric Vehicle ecosystems. In this online survey, we ask questions about your electric vehicle adoption and issues...
  2. TMC Staff

    Blog Win a Tesla AND Take Action on Climate Change

    Climate XChange is non-profit working on a range of policy ideas to help combat climate change. For several years, the organization has funded the bulk of its efforts by raffling Tesla vehicles. In the below Q&A, Climate Xchange offers a bit more about how Tesla’s products and community have...
  3. Lasairfion


    MrBeast wants to plant 20 million trees. He needs YOUR help. 2 months, 20 million trees, $1 per tree Go to TeamTrees.Org and Help Us Plant 20 Million Trees - Join #TeamTrees and donate today!
  4. Lasairfion

    Air pollution damages 'every organ in the body'

    Today's front page of The Guardian, UK, 18th May 2019 Online article: Revealed: air pollution may be damaging 'every organ in the body' Extract: Air pollution may be damaging every organ and virtually every cell in the human body, according to a comprehensive new global review. The research...
  5. mknox

    Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program (EVHIP)

    The Ontario EV Rebate program has been revamped and now extends to Hydrogen vehicles... and completely shuts Tesla out! Electric vehicles incentive program
  6. Pandalus

    Contacting Tesla to discuss a utility-scale project=

    I am the lead of a team of researchers and entrepreneurs pushing for clean energy in Canada's Arctic. We are trying to put together a proposal to government to fund a large-scale renewable project that would largely depend on Tesla Powerpacks and other similar technology. In an effort to ensure...
  7. B

    The Cheeto is out of control (tariff on EU cars)

    Trump threatens to tax European cars Yes, let's start trade wars with as many countries as possible why don't we.:rolleyes:
  8. ecarfan

    Cairo Review: “The New Age of Renewable Energy”

    See The New Age of Renewable Energy Article author Jeffrey Ball is the scholar in residence at Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance and a lecturer at Stanford Law School. He is also a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Cross-Brookings...
  9. kingjamez

    Why I’m Tesla’s #1 and/or Biggest Fan

    You forgot to clean up your copy/paste. Is this an advertisement for your company?
  10. TheTalkingMule

    Solar in Denver, CO

    Anyone have experience with local installers in Denver? That's a fairly mature solar market, so I have to think there are long established contractors offering $2.75/W or lower for high quality residential solar. Thoughts?
  11. markwj

    Open letter to Mrs Carrie Lam - Support for electric vehicles in Hong Kong

    Dear Mrs Lam, I am sure that you are aware of the situation with the poor air quality in Hong Kong, and in particular our roadside air quality. This is affecting the quality of life of everyone in Hong Kong. It is impacting our health, and the competitiveness of HK in the region. According to...
  12. SageBrush

    My Home: Carbon, Nox and Sox Negative with 3.78 kW PV

    Executive summary: put up more than 3.8 kW; it is easier ;-) Colorado ~ 6000 HDD a year ? ~ 2000 CDD a year Two person household Marginal electricity on our local grid is coal, estimated to have 1 Kg CO2, 2 gram Nox and 2 gram Sox per kWh NG Home boiler for DHW and radiant heat. Annual PV...
  13. Brando

    Southern California Utilities to Pay $775M in San Onofre Closure Deal

    Corporations and all their corruptions don't always win. Here is some GOOD news - for now anyway. Southern California Utilities to Pay $775M in San Onofre Closure Deal Just a reminder of just how cheap Atomic Reactors are . That's a joke, son.
  14. SageBrush

    An Idea to Reduce Winter Heating NG Consumption

    My two person household lives in a 3800 Sq Ft detached home with heating provided by an efficient boiler that circulates hot water through pipes in the slab to radiant heaters. While the boiler is at least 80% efficient (perhaps more,) the slab is not insulated and I am limited in my heating...
  15. R

    Powering my Model S with Hydrogen

    Note: This is a rather long post detailing a road trip to power my Model S using a stationary hydrogen fuel cell. The trip took place more than a year ago but various factors prevented me from posting about it until now. It’s not news to most anyone here on TMC that there has been considerable...
  16. P

    Carbon Pricing @ MA State House, TOMORROW Jan 31 @ 10 a.m.

    Folks, Apologies for very late notice! I don’t know why I’m just hearing about this now?! Carbon pricing as part of an omnibus greenhouse gas reduction bill Multi-State Carbon Pricing Coalition Business Support for Carbon Pricing 10 a.m. TOMORROW, Jan 31 MASSACHUSETTS State House, Room 222...
  17. R

    Fulfill all referrals

    I posted this in the referral program thread but it’s hundreds of pages long and a question gets overrun very quickly. How can I get to secret levels I saw posted online? I have 5 referrals (3 delivered and 2 ordered) and another person wanted to use my code. When they tried to use my link, it...
  18. ASUComputerGuy

    Bee Hive Vandalism

    Since we have had a couple of threads in the "Energy, Environment, and Policy" forum about beef and eating less of it, I thought it wouldn't be too far fetched to write about a local beekeeper in my area that was intentionally vandalized this week. Bees are so vitally important to our food...
  19. TheTalkingMule

    We Need A 500% Oil Tariff

    The Saudis keep pumping oil at $8/barrel and have an unfair advantage over US frackers whose costs are more like $50. I propose a 500% tariff on foreign oil to level the playing field and make America great again.
  20. J

    Meat, the internal combustion engine of food

    I think it's interesting that one iconoclastic do-gooder out to the save the world takes multiple jabs at another such do-gooder. The Mission that Motivates Us – What IF? – Medium
  21. Ulmo

    You know you need more solar panels when ...

    This is a sure sign I need more solar panels (and PowerWalls). Good sunlight today, but PowerWalls + Solar aren't enough to serve our needs: (Red going down is using utility sources; green going down is using solar production; blue going up is charging batteries, and if it was going down...
  22. OBX John

    East Coast Oil Exploration - Any interest in going to BOEM meetings?

    There is a BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) meeting in Raleigh NC on February 26th 2018 to get public comment on the new offshore drilling plan that will now open up the entire east coast, with the exception of Florida, to offshore drilling, starting in 2019. The location is: Hilton...
  23. Curt Renz

    $7500 Tax Credit

    NY Times/CNBC: yesterday & today: Electric vehicle tax credit survives, but GM and Tesla aren’t cheering This morning I wrote the three people who represent me in Congress. I asked them to either enact a universal ending date for the credit, or a cap on the total number of electric cars...
  24. SageBrush

    Neighborhood Transformer Question

    During the winter I can easily time shift my EV charging to just about any time of the day, so I wondered what would be the most beneficial to my utility. This is not really an energy source question since the majority of the energy bought by the utility from their wholesale supplier is coal; it...
  25. M

    Charging station operated by a 50kW solar array in Oliver, BC

    Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, has installed eight charging stations (4 Tesla and 4 Universal) in December. They are powered by a 50 kW solar array. Environmental Policy - Burrowing Owl Winery
  26. M

    2017 SCE Tariffs effect on solar costs, California.

    This data also occurs in my Solar Project thread, but in truth, it's a totally separate issue from Solar hardware and production. This is about how our state bureaucracy (CPUC) is harming the adoption of 'green' energy programs for small businesses by changing the rules in July 2017. It will...
  27. mspohr


    $180bn investment in plastic factories feeds global packaging binge $180bn investment in plastic factories feeds global packaging binge Looks like the fossil fuel companies have opened a new front in their war on humanity. Large investment in plastic production will burry us in plastic waste.
  28. 1101011

    What kind of guy buys wife a snowblower for Xmas?

  29. M

    First MWh produced! On the Solstice!

    Came initially on line Dec 2, some shutdowns to optimize. Hit first MWh at 10:00am Pacific Dec 21 after 20 days. Array is pointed to peak production in the Summer when power is $$$. Monitoring was not enabled until Dec 14, but the inverter stores total production since coming on-line. Happy...
  30. CarsonGallo

    120+ Month Financing

    Anyone know of a way to finance Model X over course of 120 Months or More. There are RV Loans that have those lengths. In which I'm contemplating turning interior into RV, or use trailing camper behind it to be powered by Tesla Battery. Would Tesla Model X then qualify for RV Loan. WoodSide...
  31. iSun_Energy

    Vendor iSun Oasis, the Smart Solar Canopy Your Tesla Deserves

    EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is a sponsored post from Renewz, a provider of smart, solar canopies. I’m a Tesla owner and fan, ever since I visited the Fremont factory in May 2012 where I saw the very first battery packs being tested. At that time, I was there to help them with designs for their...
  32. Lhshockey24

    Tax Credit

    Effective date.−The provision applies to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2017. Senate Amendment No provision. Conference Agreement The conference agreement does not include the House bill provision. 3. Repeal of credit for plug-in electric drive motor vehicles (sec. 1102(c) of the...
  33. ABCTG

    Carbon Capture Crypto-Currency?

    So, in order to generate Bitcoins, it takes a large amount of computer power and a large amount of energy. How about creating a environmentally friendly currency. What if there was an environmentally friendly powered device one could purchase or build that captured CO2, and as it did it...
  34. J

    Carbon Removal

    If we end up making an effort to remove carbon from the atmosphere, are we ultimately going to end up with giant piles of graphite? We could remove some carbon with Ferrock and/or Novacem, or perhaps manufacturing bioplastic, using it once, and landfilling it, but it seems like graphite would...
  35. TheTalkingMule

    World Bank to Cease Oil/Gas Investment After 2019

    This is going to crash the entire global economy. Run for your lives. World Bank Group Announcements at One Planet Summit
  36. ForeverFree

    Tax Credit -- WSJ Editorial Advocates Elimination

    This editorial won't help ...
  37. Electrifying

    Electric Ocean Cargo Ship with Wind/solar Charging stations along the route

    Electric ships have been popping up but most I hear are either ferry boats or short range shipping. For a half million ton oil tanker to be electric , it needs to be charged along its route. How feasible is it to have anchored or semi-floating wind/solar powered mega-chargers along busy...
  38. Dutchie

    Cost transition to Solar compared to LPPFusion

    There is already a different thread about LPPFusion. See LPP questions/discussion However, I thought of starting another one as this article gives a good comparison to the ever decreasing price of solar LPPFusion Update | Over 80% of minimum goal reached, answers on solar comparison
  39. D

    Investment angle to ubiquitous clean energy

    Okay this might be a bit speculative for what we normally talk about here, but there's also a lot of folks here thinking about the long-term and specifically the long-term energy landscape. So: we're rapidly entering an era of (almost-)free, clean, ubiquitous energy. If we're at 1.7c/kwh solar...
  40. tander

    Carbon Credits but for NOX?

    Just purchased carbon credits for the first time this year. They don't really solve the problem imo but it seems like a nice small thing to do. Anybody heard of something like that but for other emissions like NOX? At a local level those are a lot more important to me than carbon.
  41. W

    Help a foreigner understand California emission laws.

    Hi all. We are Canadian. We own property in the Palm Springs area and live in the US about 4 months of the year. We always hear about the tight standards for vehicle emissions in California and we see the various "smog check" signs on various garages etc. We are confused on whether these are...
  42. YellyYeti

    Drive an EV or Fly? Which is better environmentally?

    We just made the decision to drive from Sanford to Knoxville this December, as opposed to flying. For us it was a financial decision, driving our Model X with free Supercharging vs paying $1400 for 4 round trip tickets on Allegiant. From a comfort perspective it would have been better to take...
  43. A

    This Week Tesla & Companies

    To Where'ere Our Hearts Shall Thrust Us When a man finds the vehicle. You know she's the apple of his eye. If he lets you have a peep at it? You're cool. If he permits getting up close to touch and tinker? He respects your opinion. Find yourself in the passenger seat along for a ride...
  44. nwdiver

    800MWh; 200MW flow battery

    Pretty neat... ~$400/kWh but ~14k cycle-life. Further reason why I'm not at all bothered by the intermittency of solar and wind... as storage becomes necessary we'll build it. Nuclear is done.
  45. SageBrush

    SMART! Combined PV + Agriculture

    PV increases efficiency of cultivatable land use by more than 60%, Fraunhofer ISE says The trick appears to be orienting the panels to face SW so that morning sun reaches the crops.
  46. N

    Tesla Mobile Home Research

    So I want to live in a Tesla. Compiled research checklist of what I got so far, for the advantages of this. Was looking into Tesla Model S with lease. In which I would get employee discount on lease, (I work for Tesla) but since I'm going to be driving a lot, lease isn't really an option for...
  47. L

    Solar install in FL

    I'm planning on getting solar installed on my home but my AHJ requires plans to be stamped by a PE. Does anyone know a PE in FL that would be willing (for a fee ofcourse) to review and stamp my permit package (if they agree with the design of course). I've called over 10 companies locally and...
  48. Zero CO2

    Con Edison Customer -Charging Discount w/Fleet Carma

    Telsa owners in the NYC Con Edison service area may be interested in using discount from FleetCarma Just install a device and get electric discounts for charging your Tesla or any other EV Please use my referral code if interested: SmartCharge New York | FleetCarma It works flawlessly and...
  49. nwdiver

    This holiday season, if you have anti-GMO family...

    Point out this fact; Every Sweet Potato in the world is a Trans-Genic GMO. The Natural GMO Sweet potatoes aren't tubers, like potatoes. They're roots — swollen, puffed-up parts of the root. "We think the bacteria genes help the plant produce two hormones that change the root and make it...
  50. RubberToe

    Yay ! We can now resume the elephant slaughter for trophies !

    Here ya go, Making America Great Again one dead elephant at a time... U.S. Lifts Ban On Importing Elephant Trophies From Zimbabwe And Zambia I would like to formally apologize to everyone in the world, on behalf of the dozen or so sane people left in this country. I am truly ashamed to be an...