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  1. C

    DIY Increasing System Capacity under NEM 1.0 without re applying for PTO

    Hello, I had a 6.5kW system installed in 2015 under a net-metering agreement with SCE that specifies a "nameplate rating" 7.2kW generating facility producing an average of 1037kWh per month. I am only generating an average of 720kWh per month and I am using about 1000kWh per month. I would...
  2. D

    Charge your Tesla at home using clean energy ONLY

    Hi, my name is Dario and I have developed a system that makes possible to charge your Tesla using clean energy ONLY from your solar panels. I named it ChOp (charge optimizer). If it rains, you don’t charge. If you’re cooking your meal and using up your current production, you don’t charge. But...
  3. Raindog1

    Energy recovery from suspension travel

    I’m looking for links and information on Tesla recovering energy from suspension travel via ultra capacitors. I once saw a brief video about this but I don’t know if Tesla actually put it into the suspension. Any info, confirmation or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. K

    Powerwall 2 update 2022

    Hello! We have recently installed a PW2, Gateway & 7kW panels. System has been working great with our utility setup as below. - Peak: 12am-9pm - Super Off-peak: 9pm-12am (free power) During the Super off-peak, we would charge the PW2 from the grid @ 3.5kW while we were consuming energy through...
  5. vanR

    Tesla App Energy Production: DC or AC?

    Regarding Tesla solar energy products: Is the production of power (kW) and energy (kWh) *as shown in the Tesla app* either DC (before inverter losses) or AC (after inverter losses)? For PV array performance monitoring, I would want DC. For utility bill comparison purposes, I would want AC. My...
  6. hobapolis

    Are loads on main panel still powered by solar?

    Hello! I'm getting some mixed answers on this from Tesla support though I thought I'd pose the question here: I have 2 Powerwalls and a 12.24 kW system; plenty for my home in Arizona. A few months after the PV installation was done, we had a pool installed. The pool people put the power for...
  7. S

    EPA mileage not matching energy screen

    I have a MY standard range and the EPA states that I should get 244 mi @ 260wH/mi. However, when I check my energy graph screen, it shows that the rated wH/mi line is about 220wH/mi. Normally, a lower 220wH/mi would mean that the car is more efficient. However, in this case it's bad for me...
  8. willow_hiller

    3D Modeled Energy Assets Found in Latest Firmware

    Interesting find from @verygreen on Twitter of 3D modeled and animated Tesla energy assets (generator, solar panels, powerwall, gateway): https://twitter.com/greentheonly/status/1359226078808670212 I don't know what these models could possibly be for. Green says: But the gateway doesn't have...
  9. DaveW

    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    Moderator comment - threads merged and renamed from "Octopus and smart meters..", "Octopus Energy... disappointed" and "Octopus install ... fabulous!" Just for some balance (as I saw some negativity on another thread about them and appointments). When I moved over to them a few weeks back, I...
  10. willow_hiller

    Tesla removes small/medium/large solar panel configurations, now offers 8 sizes

    As of this morning, it appears that Tesla has removed the size names and replaced them with 8 size offerings, ranging from 4.08 kW to 18.36 kW: I think this is probably for the best, since a lot of people seemed confused by the set list of 4 sizes before. EDIT: Looks like they may be A/B...
  11. CMc1

    Zappi and Agile integration release

    Myenergi are soft releasing their “my account feature” which ally to charge when rates under threshold. Fresh out of beta so there may still be bugs Just in time for those windy price drops myaccount.myenergi.com
  12. Troglodytes

    First Powerwall functionality outage; easily resolved with good Tesla Energy phone support

    tl-dr; system outage noticed this morning, initial issues with phone support, but good end result, support stated its okay for end users to push the backup gateway's reset button at their own discretion to attempt to fix issues. Had my first (and hopefully only) failure of system experience for...
  13. Brando

    Earth Day - Tony Seba - Disruption of Oil, Petrol Vehicles, Coal

    22 April 2020 - Keynote for Visionary Day at the 1st World CleanTech Week eConvention Tony Seba has studied historical technology disruptions. He also recalls his projections 7 to 10 years back on where we would be in 2020 - see how accurate he was. Interesting and Informative about technology...
  14. M

    WTB: Referral Powerwall

    Looking to see if anyone has a referral Powerwall that they aren't going to be getting installed and/or taking the Tesla credit. Hoping to get one at my house to offset my ridiculous SCE rates along with solar...

    Need an Energy Display for my Home

    I'm tired of checking my phone for Energy status on our new Tesla Solar/PWs. I would love this data/control live, on the wall or desktop (think Weather Station + Nest + Energy for the ultimate integration). Bonus - make it look like a classic Star Trek display, please. Thanks ;) Anyone working...
  16. TMC Staff

    Blog Win a Tesla AND Take Action on Climate Change

    Climate XChange is non-profit working on a range of policy ideas to help combat climate change. For several years, the organization has funded the bulk of its efforts by raffling Tesla vehicles. In the below Q&A, Climate Xchange offers a bit more about how Tesla’s products and community have...
  17. E

    Energy usage of streaming Netflix/YouTube?

    Does anyone have an estimate of the energy usage related to streaming video such as Netflix or YouTube? I assume most of the extra cost would be from the LTE/wifi connection, as the screen is on anyway in idle. I'd be curious to know also the idle consumption with the car on (2018 75D). Taking a...
  18. TheTalkingMule

    Sunrun and Sales Cost

    Just as Tesla moves to online residential solar sales, Sunrun has announced their 1Q19 numbers. Lo and behold.....costs per kW installed are still absurd. $3.46/W in costs to Sunrun translates to a $89M quarterly loss. "Project value per Watt", which I guess could be referred to as a customer...
  19. Mike Tuccelli

    Dropping numbers on projected range

    A couple of years ago my Tesla’s computer was so corrupt it had to be replaced. I noticed at that time my energy readout became erratic. Now it’s happening again. Notice the two photos where a digit is blank. Seems this can’t be replicated at service center. I suggest you document with...
  20. D

    M3 MR vs Chevy Bolt (energy consumption)

    So I have been measuring the energy consumption of Chevy Bolt and M3 MR, driving the same urban route (mostly stop and go, lots of lights, average speed probably about 20 MPH). In both cases the weather is moderate, around 70-80 degrees, with minimal AC usage, and no heat. I am not relying on...
  21. Gwgan

    Australia price gouging

    Tesla big battery powerless to stop S.A. price gouging By following the rules and making output changes in a time frame where batteries are not helpful, established power generators continue to artificially increase consumer costs. These actors are not going to give up their wealth generators...
  22. mknox

    Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program (EVHIP)

    The Ontario EV Rebate program has been revamped and now extends to Hydrogen vehicles... and completely shuts Tesla out! Electric vehicles incentive program
  23. R

    New Rooftop Solar, Help Me Understand Monitoring

    I have a new 10k system with a SolarEdge inverter and SolarEdge optimizers. SolarEdge just sent me login credentials for their dashboard, which I also used for logging in using the SolarEdge monitoring app on my phone. I can now see data about my system's power generation; however, I thought I...
  24. KerryOH

    Delaware Co-Op pilot for EV Charging

    If you get your electricity from the Delaware Electric Co-Op (mostly in Sussex County,DE) you may be interested in the paste below. Unfortunately, as a part time resident my usage is less than the required 1K average. On the bright side, I am picking up my Model X on Saturday (3/10) and the...
  25. Pandalus

    Contacting Tesla to discuss a utility-scale project=

    I am the lead of a team of researchers and entrepreneurs pushing for clean energy in Canada's Arctic. We are trying to put together a proposal to government to fund a large-scale renewable project that would largely depend on Tesla Powerpacks and other similar technology. In an effort to ensure...
  26. B

    The Cheeto is out of control (tariff on EU cars)

    Trump threatens to tax European cars Yes, let's start trade wars with as many countries as possible why don't we.:rolleyes:
  27. R

    Model 3 on Government of Canada Fuel Economy Site

    Government of Canada Natural Resources Canada Fuel Economy Listing shows the Model 3 LR for Canada. Another encouraging sign that Canada sales are on their way. See link: 2018 model year electric vehicles | Natural Resources Canada
  28. ecarfan

    Cairo Review: “The New Age of Renewable Energy”

    See The New Age of Renewable Energy Article author Jeffrey Ball is the scholar in residence at Stanford University’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance and a lecturer at Stanford Law School. He is also a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Cross-Brookings...
  29. FlyinLow

    To go ELECTRIC or not? That is the question...

    Maybe this is the right area to park my thoughts and encourage others to post theirs... I appreciate the people that come up to me and want to convince me that driving my Tesla Model S 85 is a bad idea. Buying a car can be an emotional experience, but for those looking to do a little more fact...
  30. bob_bear

    Using my model x p100d as a mobile off grid power source?

    I'm a Keen camper and need to upgrade my failing old deep cycle agm batteries. I was looking into equivalent lithium batteries and they're super expensive! It then occurred to me that I'm sitting on the biggest and best lithium battery in my car! Does anyone have any advice / approach /...
  31. TheTalkingMule

    Solar in Denver, CO

    Anyone have experience with local installers in Denver? That's a fairly mature solar market, so I have to think there are long established contractors offering $2.75/W or lower for high quality residential solar. Thoughts?
  32. tangent

    Puzzling about the Huge Phantom Drain Last Night

    I woke up in the morning and found my Model X lost 7.13 miles in a little over 10 hours of parking still. I have smart precondition turned off and energy saving mode is turned on. The weather last night was a mild 45F in Washington DC area. I don't remember seeing this amount of drain on...
  33. J

    Model 3 Initial Impressions

    TMC Forum Readers - I took delivery of my Model 3 on 2/14 and thought I would pen a quick post on my initial impressions, hoping that some of my points might be new to others. Now a little background before I get into it... I have been part of the forum for 2 years now, when I was serious...
  34. A

    Cars goes offline and not available from app

    I have my range mode set to off and always connected turned on, however if I walk away from the car and it's locked and connected to my home charger it immediately is no longer available in the app / TeslaFi. When I approach it and it unlocks it immediately works again. Is that normal /...
  35. SageBrush

    My Home: Carbon, Nox and Sox Negative with 3.78 kW PV

    Executive summary: put up more than 3.8 kW; it is easier ;-) Colorado ~ 6000 HDD a year ? ~ 2000 CDD a year Two person household Marginal electricity on our local grid is coal, estimated to have 1 Kg CO2, 2 gram Nox and 2 gram Sox per kWh NG Home boiler for DHW and radiant heat. Annual PV...
  36. M

    South Australia, world’s largest virtual power plant

    SA gov has teamed up with Tesla again. Hopefully other states and Federal gov get on board. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-04/elon-musk-tesla-to-give-solar-panels-batteries-to-sa-homes/9394352
  37. Brando

    Southern California Utilities to Pay $775M in San Onofre Closure Deal

    Corporations and all their corruptions don't always win. Here is some GOOD news - for now anyway. Southern California Utilities to Pay $775M in San Onofre Closure Deal Just a reminder of just how cheap Atomic Reactors are . That's a joke, son.
  38. SageBrush

    An Idea to Reduce Winter Heating NG Consumption

    My two person household lives in a 3800 Sq Ft detached home with heating provided by an efficient boiler that circulates hot water through pipes in the slab to radiant heaters. While the boiler is at least 80% efficient (perhaps more,) the slab is not insulated and I am limited in my heating...
  39. R

    Powering my Model S with Hydrogen

    Note: This is a rather long post detailing a road trip to power my Model S using a stationary hydrogen fuel cell. The trip took place more than a year ago but various factors prevented me from posting about it until now. It’s not news to most anyone here on TMC that there has been considerable...
  40. P

    Carbon Pricing @ MA State House, TOMORROW Jan 31 @ 10 a.m.

    Folks, Apologies for very late notice! I don’t know why I’m just hearing about this now?! Carbon pricing as part of an omnibus greenhouse gas reduction bill Multi-State Carbon Pricing Coalition Business Support for Carbon Pricing 10 a.m. TOMORROW, Jan 31 MASSACHUSETTS State House, Room 222...
  41. R

    Fulfill all referrals

    I posted this in the referral program thread but it’s hundreds of pages long and a question gets overrun very quickly. How can I get to secret levels I saw posted online? I have 5 referrals (3 delivered and 2 ordered) and another person wanted to use my code. When they tried to use my link, it...
  42. heems

    Just signed up for solar in San Diego

    Was in the show room today at UTC to sit in a model 3. They were cross selling and asked if we were interested in the energy products. Had been thinking about it so we sat down with consultant. Ended up signing up for a 6kw system at 165% usage with 1 power wall. Looks like with all the steps...
  43. Jim Holder

    [NYS] Orange & Rockland - Using Solar+PowerWall 2 to Charge Model S?

    Hi All, 1) Would it be possible to set up a system at home where solar panels charge the Tesla PowerWall 2 by day and the PowerWall then charges the Model S with it’s stored energy by night? Seems like a reasonable (and potentially popular) use-case, but I don’t see anything online definitive...
  44. TheTalkingMule

    We Need A 500% Oil Tariff

    The Saudis keep pumping oil at $8/barrel and have an unfair advantage over US frackers whose costs are more like $50. I propose a 500% tariff on foreign oil to level the playing field and make America great again.
  45. Ulmo

    You know you need more solar panels when ...

    This is a sure sign I need more solar panels (and PowerWalls). Good sunlight today, but PowerWalls + Solar aren't enough to serve our needs: (Red going down is using utility sources; green going down is using solar production; blue going up is charging batteries, and if it was going down...
  46. OBX John

    East Coast Oil Exploration - Any interest in going to BOEM meetings?

    There is a BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) meeting in Raleigh NC on February 26th 2018 to get public comment on the new offshore drilling plan that will now open up the entire east coast, with the exception of Florida, to offshore drilling, starting in 2019. The location is: Hilton...
  47. Curt Renz

    $7500 Tax Credit

    NY Times/CNBC: yesterday & today: Electric vehicle tax credit survives, but GM and Tesla aren’t cheering This morning I wrote the three people who represent me in Congress. I asked them to either enact a universal ending date for the credit, or a cap on the total number of electric cars...
  48. SageBrush

    Neighborhood Transformer Question

    During the winter I can easily time shift my EV charging to just about any time of the day, so I wondered what would be the most beneficial to my utility. This is not really an energy source question since the majority of the energy bought by the utility from their wholesale supplier is coal; it...
  49. HankLloydRight

    Buying or selling a Powerwall 2? A warning...

    NOTE! This thread was originally created in Jan, 2018 and much has changed with respect to selling or buying or "gifting" a PW2 award, and it continues to change. Original thread is below. ------------------------------------------------------- I see a lot of people posting their referral...
  50. M

    2017 SCE Tariffs effect on solar costs, California.

    This data also occurs in my Solar Project thread, but in truth, it's a totally separate issue from Solar hardware and production. This is about how our state bureaucracy (CPUC) is harming the adoption of 'green' energy programs for small businesses by changing the rules in July 2017. It will...