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Can 2024 Model Y LR Owner Hook Up ScanMyTesla (or similar) and Post Screen Captures Here With Pack Details?

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Efficiency Obsessed Member
Oct 22, 2018
San Diego
We have some ongoing discussion of 2024 Model Y LR. A couple threads.

We know:
Energy Screen Method gives 79.5kWh for 304 Rated Miles. (EPA Rating is 310 but this is of course not important.)

79.5kWh is likely the degradation threshold. Capacities are likely higher initially.

Rated constant is about 261Wh/mi or 262Wh/mi.

It is thought to have the Panasonic 2170L pack since it qualifies for the credit.

Main issue:
EPA test document shows 78.865kWh for 2024 in 03/04/2024 submission.

Compare to prior year values of 80.7kWh for 2022 MY LR AWD or even 81.051kWh for 2022 MY Performance.

This is a large discrepancy. It is perhaps just some change in methodology or them enforcing more margin in the pack maybe? Or maybe just a bad test article.

Can someone hook up SMT and grab the pack data from a new 2024 MY LR AWD vehicle?

2024 MY LR

2021 Performance