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Can the navigation voice prompts be muted?

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In order to Supercharge at the highest possible rate, Tesla recommends that we pre-condition the battery by setting the destination to the supercharging station. While I appreciate the 'guidance,' we should all know by now how to get to our local supercharger destination without the annoying voice prompts. Best I could do is to lower the volume but appears that it cannot be turned off completely. I would greatly appreciate if someone has discovered how to mute nav volume on Tesla's onboard navigation.

As a side note, Mercedes has a feature to mute the navigation voice on their MBUX head units, by selecting a "speaker off" icon. This is especially useful when navigating while the system tries to take you on an alternate route. Eventually the nav will "recalculate" when it discovers the route you have selected.
Go into Navigation and you can adjust or mute the volume. You can also use voice commands to mute the volume. Also while the NAV is speaking, you should be able to mute during her voice using the volume on the main screen or using the steering buttons -- only while she is speaking.
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