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Capital One - Tesla Effect

I think you should have posted this in a higher traffic area of the site. Maybe the model 3 forum, since I think it's mainly related to model 3.

Here is the actual capital one article, which in my opinion is a better read than CleanTechnica's take on it.
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I found this extremely interesting. I'm not in the market for a used luxury car, but I'm super curious how noticeable this is for people who are in the market.

I also found the comments about what constitutes "luxury" for new buyers to be spot on. There have been many comments recently about how the model 3 isn't a "luxury" car, but an econobox with an expensive battery. I felt that was wrong, but had a hard time articulating why.

I think the take that "luxury" is starting to mean "technology" is the right take.

The article presents some actual early evidence of what this shift is meaning to the competition.