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Car does not turn off when me and wife exit together

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Jul 13, 2021
So I've been having an issue where our car does not turn off when we park and exit..... so the screen stays on and the Daytime running lights stay on... and as a result the car does not auto lock when we walk away. At first this was driving me crazy as I felt that it was happening randomly.... Then I realized it did not happen when I was alone and confirmed with my wife that it did not happen when she's alone either...... So we determined that it only happens when both of us are exiting the car together (both of our phones are set up as car keys... I have her added as an additional driver)

So my question is has anyone else experienced this? Did Tesla do anything about it? or is it just something you have to live with?

FYI - the way we rectify it is by having just one of us walk back to the car, open the drivers door and then close it again. Then the car shuts off normally. but its annoying to have to do that each time.
I don't know if this will help you, but I found something similar happen (ie, that the car stayed on and did not auto-lock when I walked away) but only in a very special circumstance -- there are a few times when I had to park somewhere very close to a wall on the left side (driver side) of the car, so close that I could not open the driver side door. Thus, to exit the car I had to climb over the center console and go out the passenger side. In that case, because the driver door never opened, the car stayed on and did not auto-lock. Is this perhaps related to your case? I don't know, but maybe it helps you to try and troubleshoot.

BTW, my wife and I both use the same Tesla account on each of our phones, so there's no case of an additional driver for our setup. And we've never had the problem you describe under normal circumstances.
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Model X, 3 & Y (over 9 years), we have never had this happen.

If you can note the time when it next happens, Tesla service should be able to look at the logs.
If this happens every time you both leave the vehicle that should make it easier to track down.

Good luck, please let us know what you find out.
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What year is your X? Maybe the passenger seat sensor (software or mechanical) is not working.

Playboy forum solution to follow: Maybe the car is not receiving enough love. Have the passenger lean over and give the driver a wet kiss, then exit and close the door. When the warm feelings from the kiss start to peak, excitedly exit the driver side and rush into the house. I bet the car will also feel relief and lock as it goes to sleep. Caveat: this won't work in a public setting.

In other words, for a test, have passenger leave the vehicle and shut the door before the driver exits.
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SC just replaced the sensor in the seat under warranty.... I haven't had a chance to be in the car with my wife yet so not sure if that worked. But so far she says it's been working fine with her alone..... and it worked fine when I picked up the car and I was alone.
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