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Car shifting itself into "Park" at slow speeds?

When trying to enter a car wash at slow speed the other day my 2015 S85D kept stopping abruptly by putting itself into Park.
I thought it might have something to do with having creep mode disabled and after enabling creep mode the problem MOSTLY went away. Still if I try to move either forward or in reverse at a very slow speed, the car will shift itself into Park and stop abruptly from time to time.
Anyone else run into this?
Maybe my car doesn't like to bathe?
It will also shift into Park at low speeds if the driver's door is open, even a little. I got in once to move the car the just closed it to the first click and found this out. It was a surprise the first couple times, then I realized it was because of the door. It's not like it wasn't binging and reminding me the door was not closed but it took a second to make the connection to the driving behavior.