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Center Console - Phone Cord Installation?

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I recently took delivery of a MY with a new center console. I know the front panel of the console enables wireless phone charging. But for those of us that don't yet have a phone capable of wireless charging, is there a way to route a cable behind the panel so that the charger comes up through the bottom? Similar to the old, glossy center console?

If I plug my phone into a charging cable, the cable sits on top of the bottom of the panel so the phone isn't flush and it slides around. My manual still has instructions for the old console. So before I go breaking something, figured I'd ask the broader community.

- Troop.
I have this same question but with a Model 3. I reached out to I have this same question but with a Model 3. I reached out to my advisor, and I'll let you know if I get a response
A service rep told my advisor that there apparently is a way to disconnect the wireless charger and use the power to charge the phone, turning the charging pad into more of a phone dock, but that no one has come in to this particular location to ask about it yet.

I'm still skeptical that they aren't talking about the pre-2021 version, but I'll update you if I learn more.