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Chains? Tire Socks?

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I am debating if I should get tire socks or chains for snowboarding. Mainly Mammoth or Big Bear because the website says they can check chains but I don't know how strict they are about it. I rather just not put on chains if I don't have to. I went to Mammoth when it said chains may be required but no one stopped me to put them on and it wasn't snowing that bad and the roads were already cleared.

But can it be possible they really enforce it like someone will stand there and stop you and lawfully won't let you pass like a police officer? And if you pass them or disregard them they take you to jail? Is just having chains in your car enough for them to let you go through even if you intend not to put them on? I heard chains could damage the rims of the Performance Model Y. Plus I just rather not be forced to drive slow with chains or tire socks.