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Collection Day Check Sheet

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TM3 LR 2021 | Red | FSD
Dec 21, 2020
So, i am thinking of making a kind of check off sheet for the big day, so that my excitement doesn't outweigh my sensible side, plus I might not look for things that perhaps I should.

Has anyone done this? Or got any good suggestions?

I know the obvious things like panel gaps, lights, cameras etc.

I'm literally going to do each panel one after the other to make sure I've covered everything, but its more the less obvious stuff I want to keep an eye out for, such as the door handles not being totally flush etc.


tbh probably a bit ott but you can pick and choose the bits you want to use.

This is one I put together ahead of collecting mine: https://www.teslaev.co.uk/tesla-model-3-uk-collection-checklist-and-other-important-information/

Assuming it’s a Model 3 that you are collecting of course :)

Thankyou guys! Thats exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Much appreciated! GIves me a great foundation to work with.

Wow, those lists! I would also suggest to remember to have fun, take pictures etc. It'll only be that new once.

True, but for some of us we might only be planning to spend that huge amount of money once as well! ;)