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CowboyStateDaily: Why California’s Ban On Diesel Trucks Could Impact Wyoming

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Too many missing details:
  • What is the current SoC for each?
  • What is the target Soc for each?
  • What is the target time for each to reach their SoC target?
  • How much power is available from the grid at the site?

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One Mega pack is around one million dollars. Enough Megapacks to charge 100 Semis at once would be close to 200 million dollars. In seven years California would have to spend over 1 billion dollars for electric Semi charging. California has already spent over 100 billion on a Train that still may be years away from operating.
200 MW is enough to power 38,000 homes so 1500 semis charging if the power went out ..sounds like a good investment not to mention the heath care burden of diesel particulate
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