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Cracked rim replacement advice sought

I got my 2013 P85+, used, a few years back, with low mileage, and haven’t had many issues (knock on wood). But now:

Rear original 21“ rim cracked about a year ago maybe and had it repaired for around $200-225. It’s started slowly leaking air again and while it could be a new crack (which can be repaired), I suspect it is is the old crack gone bad (which cannot be repaired).

Even if the troublesome rim can be repaired, doesn’t seem to make much sense to pour any more money into that rim. They say they can sell me a new one for $445, color matched as best as they can.

So I could go that way, whether there or elsewhere, but I am thinking about changing to 19 or 20 inch rims, for the lower road noise and better power usage I am told they provide. (Do they?). I get that the 21 work well for more “performance” driving style, or so I am informed, but my driving is pretty sedate (usually), so a smaller size works just fine for me.

Can the 2013 S use 20” wheels? I don’t know why they couldn’t, what with software updates and all, though maybe my car’s computer is only able to handle settings for 19 and 21?

Are there any particular considerations to take into account when downsizing to 19 (or 20)? I know the car will automatically pick up the change after a mile of driving or so and ask to reset settings, but I kind of get lost in all the different sizes and widths and whatever when it comes to selecting rims (and tires).

I know the front and rear are different on my car, and I think that applies to both rim size and tire size. I’ve been told if I move to 19 then I could have all 4 the same size, but not really sure about that. I guess that would mean I could rotate tires, which currently is not an option.

So I‘m thinking cost for tires would be lower at the smaller size (whether or not staggered size) and would get longer life with rotation being possible If all four same sized. Is this correct, and other there any other benefits/detriments to downsizing that I haven’t considered.

Any info/advice generally or with respect to the specific questions raised would be appreciated. What would you suggest, or what other things should I be thinking about re which way to go?

(Oh yeah, I guess there is also a need to take into account the coolness factor of the 21“ rims I hadn’t mentioned. That’s a not insignificant factor.)
Yes you can use 20 inch rims, and yes you can also use the stock 19’s with the squared set up.

I’ve had bother the 21s and the 19s and I agree the car looks better with the 21s, the 19s look too small.

So if I were in your situation I would go with the 20 inch rims, you get slightly bigger side wall for extra protection and they don’t look too small on the car.
Here is a bit information, you will not find 20” size under the S section but the X rims will fit fine:

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