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dead front usb ports

1. yes, I tried reboot, twice to no avail.

after updating to v 10, I decided to set up the dashcam. I got 128 gig microSD/ with usb adapter, formatted, etc and installed. It appeared to be working (icon with red light) so i went for a drive. After about 10 minutes the icon disappeared. Now both ports are dead, no charging of phone, no data, no nothing. I can still use the rear ports to charge my phone but the front ones are DEAD.
So "patience young grasshopper" LOL.

Lol :)

Kinda... I have had "quirks" sometimes with this car that are not fixed by a reboot, but ARE fixed with a full "car goes to sleep" cycle. You can try rebooting the car, then selecting "POWER OFF" in the car menus, and letting the car sit until it fully goes to sleep (not making any noise, etc). It will normally go to sleep after 10-15 minutes if you are not checking the app / dont have anything polling the car.

If it doesnt work after that, and after an overnight sleep (deep sleep) then service would take care of it.
This happened to me as well, although I just noticed it the other day when I noticed my DashCam icon was gone. I have a mobile service appointment for this Wednesday and I'll report back what happens...
Just had mobile service last night - for me it turned out to actually be a hardware issue. The mobile tech had to repace the front USB hub. By the way, the mobile repair experience was excellent.