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Delivery time to DMV package receipt

How long did it take to receive your DMV packet

  • 11-20 days

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  • 31-40 days

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  • 41-50 days

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  • 51-60 days

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I'm going through delivery hell - but - I have my car. It has been sitting in my garage parked for 3 weeks. I can't drive it, I can't sell it. It was funny, but it's not so funny any more. I think this problem is more common than I thought.

Tesla won't return my emails. My state will fine me if I do not register this car in 40 days.

I am thinking of contacting the state AG. I am also thinking I need to contact a lawyer.

Tesla wants to sell and deliver cars, but they can't supply some paperwork. Isn't this kind of paperwork mostly generated by computer? Isn't Tesla a company that can do technology well?
What state (not the mental kind ha) are you in. FYI in the DC area, DMV can mean department of motor vehicles or District, Maryland, and Virginia. I had Maryland temporary registration for 60 days (I think ) but got my DC registration in 30.