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Thanks for the replies.

So I can't use toolbox. Does anyone know a person / technician who can help me remotely? paid.

It can't be done remotely. It needs Toolbox 3 and Gateway Unlock permission:

Supposedly, once the fuse "ages out" according to the records in the car the BMS will slowly start limiting power output. At least that is what @wk057 told us.

I was under the impression that this only happens with the old style "real" fuse, not the battery powered one? You would think the battery powered fuse becomes just a "metal block" when the battery runs out and it no longer has power to burn itself?

In either case, car should stay driveable so there is no panic to get it fixed ASAP.
Some things for you to consider..

You don't necessarily have to do anything. The warning is just a warning, and now that you have actually replaced the fuse, nothing else will happen. You can ignore it.

However, if you ever travel to mainland Europe, you can visit any Tesla Service Center and they will fix it for you. You can book the service with Tesla app to any country. I'm from Finland and have visited service center in Austria, for example.

Tesla is correct in that they don't have official support in Cyprus. They don't sell cars there and don't have service centers. You have bought the car through some company that buys the cars from Greece and brings them there. That is not official Tesla import, but all warranties should be intact as long as you can bring the car to any service center.

It's not that simple.. the company in Cyprus are not buying the cars and then selling them second hand, they are selling them on behalf of Tesla greece.
It is corrupt and illegal what Tesla greece are doing and if they don't start to offer service help over here in Cyprus, (where they are trying to use a loop hole to sell their cars in a non core market) then Tesla as will be reported to the EU ombudsman.
It is not that easy to get to mainland Europe from Cyprus.
But it is easy for a technician to help remotely..Tesla are being complete a-holes on all fronts and it's going to come back to bite them this time.
The dealer selling the cars to the Cypriot market are coming under legal pressure, and so they are disclosing what Tesla greece are up to.
Tesla now have a very short period of time to stop being unhelpful arrogant a-holes and do a simple procedure like offering remote assistance..before this blows up into something much bigger.
That is exactly why the BMS limits the power output, because the fuse is no longer capable of stopping an over-current situation. Eventually putting the car into a "limp home" mode.
Yes , thankyou for correcting that. I am on a countdown to limp home mode.
I don't know why some people come on here giving advice when they really don't know the answer.
But it is easy for a technician to help remotely..Tesla are being complete a-holes on all fronts and it's going to come back to bite them this time.

It was already established that the error can't be reset remotely. And since there is no Tesla service in your country you have quite little choices. There is not much Tesla could do, unless you expect them to ship a mechanic from a different country just to clear your error?

What I'm wondering, isn't your car still under the 8year battery warranty? The fuse replacement is covered. Just had it replaced for my 2016 car, for free. If it is under warranty, your cheapest choice is to not tell Tesla that you have already replaced it, and let them replace it again for free and clear the error.

Even cheaper would have been not to replace it yourself, but too late for that. :)

There are ferries from Cyprus to Turkey, quick google shows the price is about 350-400€ roundtrip with car included.. That's not too bad. Make the best of it and turn it into a small European summer roundtrip?
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