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Disconnecting charge port in the morning?

Maybe this is a silly question but it's got me puzzled. As long as my car is actively charging (or awake) I can simply walk up and hit the magic button on the charge handle and it'll unlock the port. BUT.... first thing in the morning when the car has finished charging and is asleep, pressing the button will not cause the car to wake and unlock the port. I must 1)open a door, 2)open the trunk, 3) lightly tug on on of the door handles.
Am I missing something? It would seem pressing the charge handle button would wake the car, interrogate my phone and decide to unlock.
Unfortunately the car needs to be awakened in some way for the interrogation.
I agree that this is unfortunate. I'm curious what the issue is. The car knows you are standing next to it with a valid phone key. It's smart enough to let you open the door. Why can't it automatically wake the charge port? Has anyone heard a technical explanation of why it's not possible?
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I experience the same thing. I found one other solution. The Stats For Tesla app allows you to use Siri voice commands into your phone to unlock doors, open the trunk, etc. You can also set up a voice command to unlock the charge port.
This is only irritating thing about my 3. The car knows I'm there because it unlocks the door when I attempt to open it so it seems like the same logic could be used to detect when I press the button on the charger handle. Tesla needs to add a "garage" mode, where the car stays unlocked when at home.
I have a pretty nice routine in the morning. I walk into my garage with my coffee. I open the car to put my coffee in it then I go unplug.
It's really not too stressful. Life is pretty good.
I don't want my car waking up every time I walk by it. I want waking the car up to be intentional!
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You can very slightly press the rear door handle next to the charge port without actually opening it and wake the car. That's the simplest thing to do. I agree that they should have honored the button on the plug, but my guess is that the charger inside the car (that would see the button) is completely powered down while the car's asleep, and they don't want to power it up just because the phone walks by.
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Tesla needs to add a "garage" mode, where the car stays unlocked when at home.
Yes, that. I've long wished for an exception to Walk-Away Lock for when the car is home. (Configurable, of course, depending on whether you think your home parking place is secure.) In addition to not locking the charge port, I'd like it to not lock the doors. It's pretty common at home that I go into the garage to get something from the car, only to realize I'm in my PJs and don't have my phone on me.
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